L.A.B.A. - Liberal Academy Of Fine Art

An Academy for Europe in Brescia. The Libera Accademia di Belle Arti wants to be an important point of mediation between the latest artistic tendencies, and the sensibility of a city like Brescia which is giving great value to its artistic heritage and is developing a strong cultural identity.
The Academy pursue contemporary artistic tendencies without renouncing tradition, which is the basis of any experimentation. The Academy aims at training professionals who possess technical as well as creative instruments in order to be competitive in the work field, and constantly capable to adapt themselves to new experiences.



via Don G. Vender, 66
Phone: 030/380894
Fax: 030/380894
Website: www.laba.edu

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Our Aims

Artistic research takes into great consideration new technological resources for a greater functionality and flexibility requested by all new professions. The Academy offers an educational program when technology merges with technique for a new concept in aesthetics.
The Academy provides an excellent and experienced teaching staff, who, together with the curricular subjects, frequently organizes meetings and seminars with artists and critics, as well as experts in industry and artistic handcraft.
Visiting galleries and museums and having cultural exchanges with other academies and European universities is extremely important. Students’ works are often exhibited in order to have public response. Also, the institute organizes conferences on important themes in art and culture.  

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Location and Getting there

via Don G. Vender n°66
25127 Brescia  

Department and information about the department

Visual limbs and Disciplines of the Show in:
Decoration with integration in Restoration;
Set Design;
Set Design with integration in Fashion;
Set Design with integration in Dramatic Art;
Set Design with integration in Architecture of the landscape;
Graphic Design & Multimedia;

How To Apply

It is possible to enroll itself from March to October or to make one pre-registration all the year  

Visit us (open days)

it is possible to visit the academy with appointment. From the monday to the friday.

Timetable: 9:00 to the 12:30 / 14:30 to the 16:00  

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