Cooper Union School Of Art

The School of Art offers a four-year program leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The BFA program provides both a general visual arts education and a focused preparation for future artists and designers.

The program develops the students' creative potential, encourages them to be versatile, resourceful and reflective, and equips them to deal successfully with the practical problems and issues of today and those of the future.

The School of Art is firmly committed to a generalist curriculum that encompasses all the fundamental disciplines and resources of the visual arts. Each student is educated not only in specific disciplines, but also in the complex interrelationships of all the visual vocabularies. This philosophic premise relates to all the objectives of the School of Art and is the foundation upon which all teaching, creative work, service and research are based.

The Studio curriculum along with the Art History and General Studies components of the BFA program all have as their goal the acquisition of communication skills, the development of critical perspective, and the mas... [ Read All ]

New York

United States

30 Cooper Square
NY 10003
Phone: 212-353-4120

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