Hochschule Fuer Bildende Künste Dresden

The history of the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden goes back several centuries. Documents show that a ‘Dresden Painting School’ was founded in 1680. Almost a century later, this school was to evolve into the Dresden Art Academy (Allgemeine Kunst-Academy), which was noted for its remarkably broad teaching programme, including subjects such as sculpture, architecture, and engraving.

Eminent artists and scholars are closely associated with the history of the Academy. Canaletto, Giovanni Casanova, Caspar David Friedrich, Gottfried Semper, Oskar Kokoschka and Otto Dix taught at the Dresden Academy and shaped its profile.

After World War II, the Dresden Art Academy was merged with another well-established local art school, Hochschule für Werkkunst Dresden, into the Hochschule für Bildende Künste.

In 1990, far-reaching reforms were initiated. As a result, the administrative structure of the Hochschule für Bildende Künste was altered significantly. Recent years saw changes to the academic profile as new subjects and courses such as digital media and art therapy were incorporate... [ Read All ]



Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden, Bürozentrum Bürgerwiese, St. Petersburger Straße 15
Phone: + 49 351 492670
Website: http://www.hfbk-dresden.d

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Information For  Undergraduates

The following degree courses are offered:
• Fine arts
• Art restoration
• Stage and costume design
• Theaterausstattung (Theatre management & services)


Information For  Postgraduates

The following courses are offered:
• Art therapy: a two-year course open to graduates in any art or art-related subject.
Further details: http://www.hfbk-dresden.de/HfBK-Dresden/Studium/Studiengaenge/Kunsttherapie.php

• ‘Meisterschülerstudium’: highly individual and advanced two-year programmes for outstanding graduates in fine arts.
A number of special scholarships are available to selected candidates to enable them to enrol for a ‘Meisterschüler’ programme.
Further details: http://www.hfbk-dresden.de/HfBK-Dresden/Foerderer


Student Facilities

• Workshops (http://www.hfbk-dresden.de/HfBK-Dresden/Studium/Werkstaetten/allgemein.php)
• Library
• Anatomiesammlung (Anatomical collection: a collection of visual aids used in practical painting and drawing classes)
• Archives
• Mediathek (Audio-visual collection)
• Labortheater (Experimental theatre)

Exhibitions of students’ works are organized on a regular basis. Annual highlights include the ‘Diplomausstellung’ and the ‘Jahresausstellung’ during the summer break.
For a comprehensive list of events, see: http://www.hfbk-dresden.de/HfBK-Dresden/Aktuelles


How To Apply

General entry requirements
Prospective students are expected to have successfully finished their secondary school education and to have an appropriate school-leaver qualification (‘Abitur’ or equivalent). Candidates should have proven artistic skills and should be able to demonstrate that they have actively pursued specific interests in art or art-related subjects through extra-curricular activities.

Please note: There are specific entry requirements for courses in Art therapy and Theatre management/services. For further details, please refer to the relevant website sections.

During the teaching period of the academic year, the Student Office (Büro für Studienangelegenheiten) runs an advisory service for prospective students. Advice is given on aptitude tests, preparing a portfolio and submitting an application.

Applications are normally accepted during the period from early October until 15th January for entry in the following academic year. An exception is the ‘Meisterschüler’ programme, for which applications should be submitted by 3rd July.

Application forms can be downloaded from the website:
http://www...  [ Read All ]