International School Of Creative Arts

International School of Creative Arts (ISCA) was inaugurated in 2009 and is committed to nurturing young talent into professions in the arts and creative industries of the future.

ISCA is a specialised day and boarding school that prepares students for entry into university and is run in association with the University of the Arts London (UAL). The curriculum is designed and tailored by staff from UAL, providing a stimulating education with an array of cultural and artistic opportunities, where students build not only their artistic talents but are inspired, motivated and challenged to realise their promise and exceed expectations.

The campus is located in Buckinghamshire, near to Windsor and within easy reach of central London, which is a rich source of learning and inspiration and allows for excellent after-school activities.


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International School of Creative Arts
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Our Aims

At the heart of the International School of Creative Arts is a belief that each of our students should have the opportunity and support to enable them to reach their full creative and academic potential.

Our curriculum, designed by staff from University of the Arts London, offers a choice of A Level and portfolio programmes tailored to include academic subjects while building on each student's artistic talent and skills. Classes are kept small with one-on-one mentoring allowing us to recognise, develop and encourage individual progression.

Creativity is not confined to the classroom with both studio facilities and dedicated staff available after school hours. Students are encouraged to manage their time effectively and make full use of the many after-school activities provided in order to build a stronger body of personal work outside of the syllabus.

We believe that by providing a stimulating education with an array of cultural and artistic opportunities, our students are inspired, motivated and challenged to fully realise their promise and exceed expectations.  

Location and Getting there

ISCA welcomes visitors throughout the year and requests that anyone wishing to visit the campus contacts for further information.

If travelling by train, ISCA is a fifteen-minute drive away from both Gerrards Cross (direct line from London Marylebone) and Slough (direct line from London Paddington) train stations. Taxi details are available on request.

If travelling by car, ISCA's sat nav reference is SL2 4QS and if travelling from London, we recommend using the A40 and travelling through Fulmer. Please note that the sign at the entrance to the grounds reads "Teikyo Foundation and International School of Creative Arts".  

Department and information about the department


The A Level programme is designed to allow students to select a programme of studies that best reflects their creative and academic strengths by studying three A-Level subjects from the list below. To be eligible for entry into the Foundation Plus, students are required to combine two creative options with one academic subject.

 Fine Art
 Graphic Design
 Photography
 Textiles
 Art History
 Business Studies
 English Language & Literature
 Maths

The first year of the A-level programme (AS Level), allows the students to gain a stronger understanding of chosen subjects with the aim of encouraging critical thinking and developing the necessary skills to progress into the second year.

The second year (A2 level) prepares students for the dynamic, fast paced world of Higher education and consists of two complimentary strands with the A-level studies running alongside the preparation stage for entry into Central Saint Martins’ Foundation Plus, and students are given the full support needed to excel and progress into both the Foundation Plus and creative Higher Educatio...  [ Read All ]

News and Events

25.2.12 - A group of ISCA students attended a showing of The Devil and Mr Punch at the Barbican Centre  

Information For  Undergraduates

ISCA does not currently offer Higher Education-level qualifications such as the BA. Students who have the necessary academic qualifications to apply for a Creative Arts undergraduate course but lack a sufficient portfolio of creative work are advised to apply for ISCA's Portfolio Programme, a one-year programme focused on the visual arts with a guaranteed full-time course interview with University of the Arts London on successful completion of studies.

The Portfolio programme is aimed at students who have the necessary secondary qualification to progress into higher education but lack the portfolio entry requirements for the creative arts sector. The programme develops a broad set of skills and results in a portfolio that demonstrates a wide range of creative outcomes.

Following the Art & Design AS level course structure, the Portfolio programme offers a selection of skills-based workshops, set projects and additional studio sessions for students to develop work in the disciplines of fine art, photography, graphics and textiles. Students on the Portfolio programme also have the option of taking the preparations cou...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Postgraduates

ISCA does not offer Postgraduate courses and prospective applicants wishing to pursue a Postgraduate course are advised to contact UAL:  

Information For  International Students

As an international school, ISCA welcomes students from all over the world and has a team of dedicated advisors to help prospective students through their VISA applications.  

Visit us (open days)

ISCA welcomes visitors throughout the year. Please e-mail for further information.  

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Please e-mail if you require a prospectus.