Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, with a history of over 64 years, located at the mountainous municipal city ――Chongqing, is one of the five most prominent art academies in China and the only one in the south-west China.
Sichuan Fine Arts Institute has a very bright history in the creation of art and deep research. Numerous high quality art works have been created by the teachers in SCFAI. In the 1950’s and 1960’, the institute was symbolized by hand-craft arts. In the 1970’s, it was sculpture, especially the most famous group statues, the “Rent Collecting Courtyard”. And in the 1980’s is oil painting, such as our president Mr. Luo Zhongli’s master piece " My Father”, etc. The institute enjoys great prestige both domestically and internationally. These excellent art works have become the milestones in contemporary Chinese art. Since the 1990’s, many teachers and students have gained awards that are both nationwide and international, they also got opportunities to make their works exhibited to the world. At present, it’s been establishing cultural exchange relation‘s with more and more foreign art instit... [ Read All ]



No. 108 Huangjueping, Jiulongpo Dist.
Phone: 86-23-86181008
Fax: 86-23-68514451

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Our Aims

To build up the influential academy in the internal and international circle  

Location and Getting there

No. 108 Huangjueping, Jiulongpo Dist. Chongqing, P. R. C.

You could by bus No. 823, 223, 233 or 714 from Yangjiaping, the centre of Jiulongpo Dist. to our institute. Only 10 minutes!

Department and information about the department

SFAI has founded 9 main departments, including Oil Painting, Sculpture, Art Design, Architecture, etc. generally, very department can receive three-year system postgraduates (M.A. Degree), four-year system undergraduates (B. A. Degree).  

Academic Staff and Description

Up to now, SFAI has 285 professional teachers including 30 professors and 97 vice-professors at an average age of 39.4%. You will be welcome as enthusiastic. It’s a great place to study, to explore, to live, to make friends. One of the great benefits is the art environment which adds to the experience no matter what you study.  

News and Events

Since the establishment of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, we has founded worldwide cooperation in lots of art fields with many foreign fine arts academies in Germany、France、U.K. South Korea and etc.. over 50 well-known foreign experts and scholars were invited to give lectures or to visit as honorary professors or advisors, and some specialists are annually invited to the university to give lectures and carry on joint researches. In addition, students from the U.S., Japan, Germany, South Korea, and France have been admitted to this university. In order to reward the excellent foreign student, except “scholarship of government of Chongqing” which is set up for the foreign student, our academy also has set up “foreign student’s scholarship of SFAI”. And now we also provide Chinese Language Program to foreign students who are interested in Chinese culture, Chinese Language as well as Chinese art.
As a very important part of the exchange program, every year some exchange students are sent out aboard to study for normally one semester, and more than 30 scholars are sent abroad for further studies in joint research or attendi...  [ Read All ]

Information For  Undergraduates

1. Specialties (4 -5 years)
Sculpture, Environment Design, Computer Design, Art History and Theory, Chinese Painting, Fashion Design, Industry Design, Plan and Management of Visual Arts, Oil Painting, Ceramics Design, Water Color, Fine Arts Education, Block Printmaking Image Design, Cartoon, Architecture Design, Photography, Calligraphy, Lacquer Painting, Plan and Management of Design.
2. Admission Requirements: Education equivalent to Chinese senior high school.
Generally, degree admission to SFAI requires that students demonstrate Chinese proficiency sufficient to derive full benefit from their academic programs by presenting satisfactory scores on the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK Level-6). Otherwise students must take a Chinese language course in parallel with their degree course.

Information For  Postgraduates

1. Specialties (3 years)
•Art Design
Decoration, Environment, Fashion, Lacquer Painting, Industry Design, Image and Multimedia, Architecture, Film & TV, Film & TV Animation, Photography
•Arts of Oil Painting/Contemporary Comprehensive Visual Art
•Chinese Fine Arts
Chinese ink Painting, Calligraphy
•Art Theory
Visual Art Theory and Criticism, Modern Art Criticism and Plan, Visual Art, Asian Art, China’s Ancient Fine Arts and Arts Appreciating.
•Fine Arts Education
•Art of Sculpture
•Block Printmaking
Sketch Language, Block Printmaking & Modern Graphic Painting Language, Block Printmaking & Modern Printing Technology
2. Admission Requirements:
⑴ Education equivalent to Chinese college education.
⑵ A letter of recommendation from a professional associate professor of fine arts.
Generally, degree admission to SFAI requires that students demonstrate Chinese proficiency sufficient to derive full benefit from their academic programs by presenting satisfactory scores on the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK Level-6). Otherwise students must take a Chinese language course in parallel with ...  [ Read All ]

Information For  International Students

Besides the specialties we mentioned for undergraduates and postgraduates, you are welcome to apply our non-degree training students & visiting scholars at any specialties.

Most importantly, at SFAI, At Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, we design a curriculum that ensures EVERYONE the best chance of success in learning Chinese language and culture. The courses are specifically designed for those, whose mother tongue is not Chinese, al the courses will be taught by teacher fluent in both Chinese and English. The short term (1month-12month) or long term (12month or above) program at elementary, intermediate or advanced level is available for you at any time. Now, go and find the most suitable one for you:

And also, if there were any problems, please contact with our international office (Please refer to the Contact Information)

Student Facilities

Here, where the trees make a pleasant shade in the picturesque campus, the artistic atmosphere makes people intoxicated, is the first-choice location for many foreign students to continue their education. And all the facilities, library, art museum, art studios, gym, football playground, tennis court, network center, student center, bookshops, and art stores are available; including Chongqing Art Museum, the only one which is set up in university.  

Student Support

It is said that university is where you will meet your lifetime friends, and where better to meet them than at the many events and activities organized by the Student’ Union. The Union aims to provide everything you will need as a student outside of your lecture. Furthermore, if there were any doubts, don’t hesitate to let the International Communication and Cooperation Division knows, who offers advice and support relating to academic and social life in SFAI.  

Student Life

University life is not just about studying, assignments and lectures. It‘s also about the friends you make and what you get up to in your leisure time in between all that work. Discover what we offer:
A vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities are available to SFAI students, faculty and staff. A dynamic and friendly environment for approximately 6,000 students, in which to learn and build stimulating relationships, and all with a shared focus on arts, design and communication. SFAI students are drawn from a wide area, with around two percent from outside China. Students benefit from two-site campus in a green field location: the old campus fast and easy transport links to central Chongqing, and access to extensive social and learning resources. The new campus is five times as large as the old one, with well-equipped modern facilities. SFAI actively promotes collaborative working across disciplines and encourages everyone to view themselves as active participants in the community, and to play a role in shaping its identity.

Student Testimonials

1. Training Student: On completion of the courses, students will sit an examination. Once passed, the student will be issued with the course-completion certificate.
2. The Graduates and Undergraduates: On completion of the professional and language learning, students will be issued with the corresponding diploma and graduate certificate.


International students will be accommodated in the Guest House quipped with internet access. (RMB/month/Room)
Room Fees Auxiliary Facility
Double room 1500 Bathroom, TV, air conditioner, furniture, and telephone
Single room 2000 Bathroom, TV, air conditioner, furniture, and telephone
Suite 4000 Kitchen, bathroom, TV, air conditioner, furniture, and telephone

The Guest House is also served breakfast and lunch. There are two students dinning halls nearby the Guest House. Prices are very competitive for a choice of food to suit most tastes and dietary requirements-from hot meals to snacks and drinks; there is a variety on offer throughout the day. Further more; there are plenty of pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants in the local area.

How To Apply

Two units evaluate your application: the International Office, which determines your eligibility for admission to the university and your eligibility for a student visa, and the department you want to major in, which determines your eligibility for its program.
Each of these units needs specific materials from you to make a decision. Please make sure you send the materials listed below to the International Office, so your application is not held up by lack of information or missing required documents.
If you have any questions about your application, please contact the International Office. We will be happy to assist with you. (Please refer to the Contact Information)
— Application form (online or hardcopy)
— Application fee (¥430yuan)
— A copy of the most recent educational diploma or qualifications
— Official transcripts from the previous school
— Five color photocopies of personal art works (for graduate or postgraduate application)
— Three one-inch personal photos
— A recommendation of a fine arts professor (especial for postgraduates and visiting scholars)
*If your transcripts are not written in En...  [ Read All ]

Visit us (open days)

8.30-12.00 and 14.00-17.30, Mondays to Fridays  

Request a prospectus (Number, e-mail or follow link)

You are very welcome to request the prospectus free. (Please refer to the Contact Information)