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Faculty of MUSIC
Faculty of FINE ART

The Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Skopje, is an art faculty and a scientific - training institution on the domain of the dramatic arts, in which the university studies of the film, television and theatre domain are performed, through the art and scientific creativity, production and public presentation of the art achievement, as well as book editing and publication.
The university studies on the Film and TV Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Dramaturgy, Production, Acting and Theatre Directing departments, persist four years. On this Faculty the post graduated Theatrology studies are performed, as well.
The Faculty consists of teachers, all eminent directors, actors, cinematographers, scriptwrighters, editors, theorysts, students and associates. In the compound training process of the seven departments as well as the postgraduated studies 90 students and about fifty teachers and outside associates are included.
FDA started its work in 1969 as the Department of Acting involved in the High Music School in Skopje. The progress of this department in 1979 contributed for its independence in the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. After huge preparations in 1986 the Department of Dramaturgy with Directing is formed. Three years later in 1989 the Department of Production is formed too. In 1992 two more departments were formed: Cinematography and Editing. In 1994 the Directors Department is separated of Film and TV Directing Department and Theatre Directing Department. On each of these departments except the department of Acting, the students are enrolled every fourth year.
In 1999 the Theatrology Postgraduated studies are included.
FDA\'s contribution to Dramatic arts in culture and Macedonian creativity is evident and often affirmed. The generations of scriptwrighters, directors, actors, cinematographers, editors, theorysts and producers trained in this institution are the generating force of film, television and theater. The success of their achievements has been acknowledged and awarded at numerous festivals throughout former Yugoslavia, as well as at international festivals.

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