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The education comprises a duration of study of 10 semesters. It is split into in a two-year term of foundation studies and the following main courses. During the integrative basic courses students get acquainted with the fundamentals of all courses offered by the academy. Later on during the main courses the students will be taught in the expert knowledge of their chosen course. Beside the practical work the theoretical education is an essential part of study. Furthermore, the extensively renovated workshops of the HGB offer a traditional artistic introduction in the following fields: Lithography, Etching, Serigraphy and the graphic workshops Manual Typesetting, Letterpress, Offset printing, Reproduction and Book covering. Students and teachers produce in cooperation with the “Institute for Book Design” books with highest art standards of art, which are gaining national and international prices each year.
The academy’s own gallery provides all students with the possibility of getting in touch with the development of contemporary exhibitions through conceptual projects. In the gallery works are shown from members of the academy as well as from international artists. In that way, the gallery functions as an interface to the public and participates in dialogues of relevant questions in the fields society and arts.
Since October 2002 an “Audiovisuelle Labor” (AV-Labor: audio-visual lab) was established at the HGB. In the tradition of the main workshops the AV-Labor marks the progress on an education with a transparent and interdisciplinary orientation in a working environment which becomes more and more digital in all courses. Is it first just an effectively organised place to work, the AV-Labor will be a trademark for the future and innovation at the HGB Leipzig.

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