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The creation of the Fundação Stickel foundation is linked to the arrival of my grandfather, Ernesto Diederichsen, to the mountain resort of Campos do Jordão, State of São Paulo, in the beginning of the 1930’s. In 1943, this textile industry businessman, born in the City of São Paulo, and Luiz Dumont Villares, his son-in-law, built the Hotel Toriba, one of the first big hotels in that town. At that time, Ernesto Diederichsen began to provide medical assistance to needy families of tuberculosis patients. To this end, he created the Grêmio Bernardo Diederichsen.

After Ernesto’s death in 1949, the responsibility of providing medical assistance to the needy passed on to his daughter, Martha Diederichsen Stickel, and her husband, Erico João Siriuba Stickel, my parents. In 1954, the Stickels founded the Fundação Beneficente Martha e Erico Stickel foundation.

In 2003, my father became seriously ill, and died in 2004. The structural changes brought on by my father’s illness resulted in a new focus for the Fundação Stickel. Under my command, the Foundation’s objectives were changed and the focus on social and welfare assistance was expanded to include cultural and artistic activities, especially activities linked to the sponsorship, publicizing and support of contemporary Brazilian art.

Our objective is to promote citizenship by preserving, divulging, enhancing and developing Brazil’s cultural and artistic heritage, and by providing democratic access to arts and culture. To this end, we organize social and educational events mainly for needy communities.

We hope to become a center of reference for inclusive actions, in line with our concern about human development, the quality of life of needy communities, ethics and citizenship, as we are fully aware that the aesthetics of art and Brazilian culture play an important role in any civilization.

Fernando Stickel

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