Our_aims - San Francisco Art Institute

SFAI consists of two schools: the School of Studio Practice and the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. Students at SFAI receive a broad education that informs and enhances their primary area of study, choosing electives and fulfilling curriculum requirements from both schools. The high percentage of electives in the curriculum allows for an individualized education that is as well-rounded as it is focused. SFAI prepares students to be creative leaders in whatever professions they pursue.

Students at SFAI build on a rich legacy of the kind of questioning that encourages the experimentation necessary for independent and collaborative invention. Students work closely with peers and faculty from a wide variety of backgrounds and fields—studio courses and seminars have a maximum of fifteen students. Students also participate in projects that allow them to move beyond the classroom and into the world. These programs combine SFAI’s historical ways of teaching — through critique seminars, studio courses, and tutorials — with forms of research that emphasize the independent and collaborative nature of both teaching and learning. Internships, independent study, travel courses, and international exchange programs give students practical and professional experience.

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