Student Facilities - Louisiana Tech University, School or Art

The School of Art is located in the recently renovated Visual Arts Center, a 40,000 sq. ft building housing design, drawing, painting, photography, and communication design classrooms, and a 10,000 sq. ft Art and Architecture Workshop that houses sculpture, ceramics, printmaking and wood working.

A real plus for our students is a former dormitory converted to individual studio spaces. This building serves our graduate students well during their study toward the MFA degree.

The School has established one sixteen-station and two twenty-station Macintosh computer labs updated with the latest operating system and software.

Communication Design is our largest program with over 250 majors. Two classrooms and two computer labs keep this area on the go with exciting ideas flowing from every corner.

Photography has a large professional lighting studio equipped with continuous and electronic flash units for student use. Photography students enjoy a computer lab of 20” G5 iMacs.

Sculpture is equipped with an array of quality equipment including Mig welders and plasma cutting torches. Foundry, glass, stone, wood, and metals are incorporated into the equipment holdings of this facility.

Ceramics offers several gas and electric kilns along with quality wheels with which to work.

Printmaking is a growing discipline at Tech with litho stones and etching presses constantly busy with student projects.

Painting and drawing are the cornerstones of our various disciplines with an array of professors displaying a variety of ideas and methods of teaching. Well grounded in traditional as well as avant garde theory and practice, the student realizes through their maturation as an artist that the full range of expression is welcome at Tech.

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