Introduction - Den Klassiske Tegneskole

The School of Classical Drawing
The teaching of drawing at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek almost certainly dates back to 1914. With a number of different visual artists, trained at the Academy of Art in Copenhagen, as teachers, preparation was given for entry to such higher establishments as the various Schools of Visual Arts within the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Formerly it was the rule that one should draw from Classical sculpture prior to admission to the Academy. Such work was undertaken at the Casts Collection of the Danish National Gallery or at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. After the “revolt” of the 1960s changed its character and purpose, the teaching became part of a broader preparatory education which included architecture, design and visual art, and this remained the case into the 1970s. Today the School of Classical Drawing is a modest, independent institution.
There is a film “Det Vi Ser/At Tegne” by Lotte Mik-Meyer from 2004 which had its premiere in 2007. It gives an excellent picture of the teaching of drawing and the school’s activity at the Glyptotek. For further information about the film contact Josephine Michau at

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