Our_aims - City College of New York - CUNY

City College’s mission emphasizes access and excellence in undergraduate and graduate education and research. Requiring demonstrated potential for admission and a high level of accomplishment for graduation, the College provides a diverse student body with exceptional opportunities to participate in creative intellectual pursuits. The College is led by a faculty committed to the advancement of knowledge and the guidance of students in the attainment of rigorous academic goals.

The College offers a broad range of baccalaureate degrees in the arts and humanities, natural sciences and social sciences, architecture,education, engineering, and biomedical science. Undergraduate programs include significant coursework in the liberal arts and sciences. Distinguished graduate programs at the master’s and doctoral levels, and a concomitant dedication to scholarly research, complement the College’s commitment to excellence in undergraduate education.

As a national and international model of excellence in public higher education, CCNY pledges to perpetuate and enhance: its status as CUNY’s flagship campus in the sciences, engineering and architecture; its signature programs in the creative arts and humanities; its prominence in doctoral programs in clinical psychology, engineering, and the sciences; its role as CUNY’s lead institution in sponsored research; its world-renowned research centers; its dedication to public and community service programs, with an emphasis on urban areas; its commitment to the interdisciplinary teamwork that enhances its distinguished history in innovative scholarship.

Over one hundred and fifty years of regional, national, and international prominence testify to CCNY’s successful realization of its founding mission and the abiding investment of the people of the City and the State of New York in the advancement of that mission.

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