Information For Undergraduates - Abilene Christian University

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA)
The BFA is a studio intense course of study designed for students with a strong commitment to a professional future as graphic designers, studio artist/teachers. The student may, according to his or her interests and career goals, select a major concentration from the areas of:

Graphic Design
2-Dimensional Studio (Drawing, Painting and Printmaking)
3-Dimensional Studio (Sculpture, Ceramics, and Jewelry/metals)

Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA)
The Bachelor of Arts degree provides opportunity to major in art within the framework of a liberal arts degree. This degree is not recommended for students interested in postgraduate or graduate study in art.

Bachelor of Science Degree (BS) CIDA Accredited (Formerly FIDER)
The Bachelor of Science degree in interior design prepares students for careers in business, industry, retail, research or graduate study. The curriculum is designed for those interested in how technical and aesthetic aspects of interior design affect a diversity of populations in residential and non-residential environments. The curriculum prepares students with unique problem solving techniques to creatively plan and design environments that protect the health, safety and welfare of building occupants.

Associate of Arts (AA)
The Associate of Arts degree is a 69-hour, two-year program of study designed for students that have an interest in architecture. The foundational curriculum prepares students with essential architectural design problem solving techniques and skills.

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