Degree Show Details - Royal College of Art
Show RCA 2012

20-06-2012 / 01-07-2012

Show RCA 2012 is closed on Friday 29 June
The RCA annual graduate shows will take place simultaneously across both the Battersea and Kensington sites this summer.
Show RCA Kensington will include students from the programmes of Architecture; Ceramics & Glass; Fashion Footwear and Accessories; Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery; Innovation Design Engineering; Textiles; Vehicle Design and the School of Humanities (including the first graduating students from the Critical Writing in Art & Design programme) exhibiting in the Darwin Building. Students from Animation and Visual Communication will be taking over the Stevens building, using studios, staircases and corridors to display their work.
Show RCA Battersea will feature work from the Fine Art programmes of Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture. Both the Sculpture and Painting buildings will be used as gallery spaces, with students also using parts of the College’s brand new Dyson building. The College will also be making use of the adjacent Testbed 1 space again this year to exhibit work by students from the Design Products and Design Interactions programmes, ensuring a cross-disciplinary approach across both sites.
RCA Battersea, Howie Street SW11 4AY
For more details and opening times check the website.