Alice Anderson

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Alice Anderson
Bound, 2011
Bobbin made of wood and copper thread
345 x 248 x 248 cm

How do we remember? What is the shifting relevance of the physical world in a society increasingly part of a digital one? Alice Anderson meditates upon the loss of the tangible, weaving items in copper threads to create ‘recorded objects’, ossifying the formal qualities of the things that lie disregarded around us through a ritualistic process. The material of copper speaks to the computational world that it has enabled through its transference of energy and information, Anderson also relates it to the neural transmission of information across our own organism, a gesture of connection and communication that is borne out in the very process of her artwork’s process which is sometimes undertaken by teams of volunteers.

Alice Anderson
181 Kilometers, 2015
Sculpture made after performances, copper thread
200 cm (diameter)

The work 181 kilometres, commissioned especially for the Saatchi Gallery, bears testament to the intensely physical activity of sculptures. Anderson walked 181 kilometres to ’spun’ an entire sphere with copper thread that took days to create, allowing the artist to enter an almost Zen like meditative state of concentration and choreography. As the artist herself explains: The first works that I’ve done involved performances. Since the beginning I’ve experienced my body through movement and today the wire is for me an extension of it. The sculpture Bound was conceived in 2011 alongside is a body of work made for the Freud Museum in London, and references a game Sigmund would play with his young grandson in order to calm what Freud saw as his anxiety of his mothers’ absence. As part of the game he would throw a bobbin and bring it back over the edge of the cot with a string, (Fort – gone, Da – there in German).

© Natasha Hoare, 2015

Alice Anderson
Installation View of Champagne Life, 2016



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