Amanda Doran

Amanda Doran
The Semen, 2011-2012
Oil on canvas
183 x 183 cm

Amanda Doran’s paintings seem especially concerned with taste – specifically, bad taste, and the limits of the conventionally acceptable in the painted subject. Taking as her subject images of the physically grotesque, Doran loads on the paint with appropriate abandon, wet in wet: her works are thick with gooey slathers of dirty brown and sick pink.

Amanda Doran
Tattooed Lady, 2011
Oil on canvas
100 x 100 cm

The too-muchness of her painting is part of its vision of unselfconscious abundance: excess is the point. In Tattooed Lady the subject’s bulk transforms the space around her: space is flattened, and the complex arabesques of the decorated thighs seem to continue in the carpet and the curtains.

Amanda Doran
Portrait of Fester, 2011
Spray paint & oil on board
38 x 57 cm

The Semen – its lame pun of a title of a piece with the bawdy seaside subject matter – depicts a sailor sitting on a bench on the beach. His body seems like two torsos stitched together: it’s an excuse for more tattoo space, as images of skulls, anchors and stars spill out over his wobbly frame. Disintegrating into the scene, Doran’s characters make art of themselves and the world they inhabit. Everything ends up turning into flesh.

Amanda Doran
Spotty Arse, 2011
Spray paint and acrylic on board
20 x 20 cm

Text by Ben Street

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