Dallas Seitz

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Dallas Seitz
Give, 2009
Metal A board, vinyl text
94 x 55 x 4 cm

Dallas Seitz
A Very Still Life, Dr Kevorkian And The Suicide Machine, 2009
Graphite coated air-drying clay, post-card holder, milk bottles, surgical tube, clothes pegs, saline, sedative, poison
Dimensions variable

Dallas Seitz
Elizabeth Regina, 2011
Air dried clay, stain, porcelain commemorative plate on MDF plinth
160 x 25 cm

Dallas Seitz
The Messenger, 2011
Fired clay, glaze and grouse feathers
50 x 40 cm

Dallas Seitz
John Hanning Speke, 2011
Air dried clay, stain, cloth on MDF plinth
160 x 25 cm


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