Mathew Cerletty

Mathew Cerletty
Untitled, 2006
Oil on linen
170.2 x 129.5 cm

Matthew Cerletty’s paintings encapsulate a cosmopolitan air with their voguish finish and ambivalent sexuality. Presenting a fragmented body, Cerletty’s Untitled trades image for the fetish of gesture, his absent figure reduced to an intimation of style. Rendered as graphic form against an empty slate coloured ground, Cerletty’s hands seem strangely foreign and empirical. Classically positioned, Cerletty sets his study as abstracted intrigue, his opaque white sleeve and purple nail polish convert the representational to formalist balance, constructing the sublime through the simplicity of casual expression.

Mathew Cerletty
Untitled, 2005
Oil on linen
284.5 x 276.9cm

Matthew Cerletty’s Untitled reconsiders the figure as an abstracted strategy of design. Set on a cold ground, his torso is centred as an obsessional focus of concentration. Rendered with painterly impasto, his shirt becomes a slacker study of illusionary space: its simplified cartoon form balancing between graphic flatness and 3D perspective, the stylised shadow alluding to sculptural form reinforces the planar surface. The addition of the hands converts Cerletty’s painting from compositional study to relational subject, infusing traditional line, shape, and tone with dandyish and charismatic personality.

Mathew Cerletty
N, 2006
Oil on linen
30.48 x 25.4cm

Mathew Cerletty’s work ranges fromaccutely rendered realist paintings and drawings to text based work distilling images of lifestyle ideals. Throughout his practice Cerletty defines the rules of attraction, using the formal qualities of painting to explore the principles of beauty and fixation. In N, traditional imagery is exchanged for a simple letter: a person’s initial, empty logo, generic mark, or graphic design. Set on a textured white ground, the letter’s painterly domination commands with its force of expression and charismatic humour. Rendered in envy-green and adorned with anthropomorphic eyes, N assumes centre of attention as typeface of sheer vanity.


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