Selected works by Ajit Chauhan

Ajit Chauhan


162 erased record (album) covers

279.4 x 560 cm
American born Ajit Chauhan, based in San Francisco, is an artist attempting to subvert our sense of perception by reorganizing existing visual languages. For one of his most recent body of works entitled ‘ReRecord’ Chauhan uses old vinyl albums. The work is composed of 160 erased record covers pinned together onto a wall, forming unresolved and slightly faded portraits that recall and highlight the ephemeral nature of things. The record covers can be seen as a marketing tool & a form of expression. They are an expression of marketing, which is playfully undermined. Chauhan’s unresolved portraits are rendered abstract and a reoccurring absence of detail unsettles any sense of something more substantial. Chauhan’s playfulness, upon what already exists, amounts to a work of delicate resolve and mild amusement.

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Jack Hanley Gallery San Francisco, representing gallery for Ajit Chauhan
Although film and audio works have both appeared in Ajit Chauhan�s shows, the foundation of the American artist�s practice is paper. In 2008 he made an untitled series of tear-shaped, wigwam-like structures from papier m�ch�.
The San Francisco Arts Commission is thrilled to present a newly commissioned site-specific installation by San Francisco-based artist Ajit Chauhan, in the 155 Grove Street window installation space. Drawing inspiration from artists like Robert Gober and Maurizio Cattelan, Chauhan uses his work to both dismantle and remake the worlds in which he navigates.
This series of drawings by Ajit Chauhan are based on his experiences riding different bicycle rickshaws in India. Chauhan describes riding the rickshaws, decorated in folk paintings, as if he were perched on the back of a pregnant, electric animal.