Selected works by Alisa Margolis

Alisa Margolis


oil and resin on canvas

170 x 120 cm
Alisa Margolis
Wednesday Morning 1& 2


epoxy, oil on canvas

(1) 160 x 290cm
(2) 160 x 190cm

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Alisa Margolis at Vilma Gold
Alisa Margolis' paintings are rooted in impressions of the Baroque and the sublime, namely the Baroque articulation of excess as beauty. Her works explore the potential of the Baroque genre to elevate itself from a decadent state into something not only dazzling, but also expressive of that which is spiritually and conceptually loftier.
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In 2001 Alisa Margolis began a new body of work as an attempt to address the cultural shift of her recent relocation from New York to Amsterdam. The historical works that fill Holland's museums and in particular traditional 17th century Dutch flower painting informed the works that resulted from this move.
Het gestileerde, florale in de schilderijen van Alisa Margolis (USA) overstijgt het menselijke bestaan. De zwarte glossy achtergronden waarop de bloemen een vorm van gewichtloosheid lijken te hebben, zou je kunnen omschrijven met de term 'Camp Sensibility'.