Ana Cvorovic

Selected works by Ana Cvorovic

Ana Cvorovic
(Routeless) Placement


market stall table, cardboard boxes, oil paint and ball

160 x 117 x 230 cm


Artists statement

My work is centred in the notion of psychogeography. There is an ongoing exploration of the landscape and it’s features and the way in which it conveys various human psychic states. My particular focus is on the idea of transience, its presence both in our internal psychic world and its manifestation onto the external geographic world. The act of travel, which triggers this symbiotic state, is a central part of my practice.
As I focus on the time and space that is between A and B, I attempt to somehow consolidate and expand this fleeting moment, working in paradox to it’s very nature. Perhaps this is to do with a desire to dwell on the movement and freedom that transience can create, or, and at the same, a fantasy to reverse a sense of displacement and instability.