Selected works by Angela Dufresne

Angela Dufresne
Me and Bruce Lee and another famous yet un-nameable man on the shore in front of an unmade building by Frank Lloyd Wright called the Donahue Triptych


oil on canvas

167.6 x 198 cm
Atop a wall of craggy rock, theatrically backlit by an early evening sky, arched walkways connect two wings of a high modernist habitat. Based on a drawing of an unmade building by Frank Lloyd Wright commissioned by the Donahue family, Dufresne's painting is a dream landscape, imbued with the spirit of visionary architecture. It is one of many examples in the artist's work of "places that should have been but never were, that exist only as fantasy." The artist often discreetly inserts herself into her own compositions; unmasked in this case in the long, whimsical title, she picks her way along the shore in the company of two male celebrities, one identified and one not.
Angela Dufresne
The Phillip Johnson New Canaan House with the Floating Museum and Conservatory addition c. 2046


oil on canvas

243.8 x 182.9 cm

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Angela Dufresne By Justin Conner
“I listened to Jimi Hendrix pretty much non-stop while doing this painting,” says Brooklyn-based artist Angela Dufresne about one of her newest works. Considering the 36-year-old painter’s penchant for amplified colours and large canvases, psychedelic inspiration comes as no surprise.
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