Selected works by Anna Barriball

Anna Barriball
Black Wardrobe


Tape on wardrobe

177.8 x 70 x 40 cm

Black Wardrobe is a bureau wrapped seamlessly in tape. Anna Barriball used obsessively repeated actions to press and rub the tape into the cupboard’s surface so that the coating forms a second skin that reveals the dresser’s most minute textures. Suffocated in black, the cupboard is almost unrecognisable as a solid form, becoming instead a monumental void connoting absence and memory. Through her intensive process, Barriball unveils a mystery in the domestic and familiar. Her work alludes to a synaesthesia of sight and touch, where senses merge and become heightened.

Anna Barriball


Pencil on paper

208.5 x 88 x 6 cm
Anna Barriball’s works convey an intimacy with the overly familiar. She smothers the surfaces of everyday objects so they become seductively sinister husks of their former selves. Made by placing a large piece of paper over a door, and rubbing it with a pencil, Door is a drawing that assumes the qualities of a sculpture. Its burnished graphite surface captures every subtle detail of the original object, while the paper warps and fluxes through repetitive handling to gain a solidity of its own. Central to Barriball’s practice is the time and effort involved in the making; her process formulates as poetic meditation, finding a delicate fascination in the mundane and overlooked.

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Anna Barriball at Gasworks Gallery
Gasworks Gallery is pleased to announce the forthcoming solo exhibition of works by Anna Barriball. The artist’s practice comprises a mixture of two and three dimensional works that, through her interactions with everyday objects, playfully scrutinise the parallel languages of sculpture and drawing. Barriball combines simple, ephemeral acts alongside the most labour-intensive techniques. The series Untitled (2004) is the product of mixing ink with liquid soap then blowing the bubbles at found photographs; the results of this simple chance act clearly display the essence of the work’s own making. In contrast, involving a more intense activity, a new piece has been produced by drawing with pencil over an entire sheet of paper to reveal and describe the surface of the brick wall behind.
Anna Barriball at Firth Street Gallery
Anna Barriball's work hinges on minimal interactions with objects and often steps between the parallel languages of drawing and sculpture. Much of her practice explores and depicts the accretion of time from the length of time it takes for a candle to burn down to the repetitious activity of taking graphite rubbings from objects that bare the traces of their use or function. In her hands a map of the world is transformed into a strange expanse of shimmering substance, or the bounce of a rubber ball on a piece of paper creates the effect of a cosmic explosion. Her interventions produce objects that combine a minimalistic rigour and the seemingly endless endeavour to make sense of the world of objects by empirical study.
Gasworks Gallery - Anna Barriball
For Gasworks, Anna Barriball will exhibit a new body of work that includes sculpture, drawing and video. Her recent video work also looks to drawing as a method for investigating forms
Anna Barriball
Anna Barriball's work hinges on minimal interactions with objects and often steps between the parallel languages of drawing and sculpture. Many of the pieces in this exhibition take the form of found objects, which the artist has subjected to sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle transformations.
Anna Barriball, Green + Blue = Cyan