Artists Anonymous

Selected works by Artists Anonymous

Artists Anonymous


Left Panel: Oil on canvas

Right Panel: Photograph

190 x 150 cm

In a joint venture between Artists Anonymous and the worlds leading modelling agencies to show our mutual concern for the child victims of famine worldwide, we have arranged the charity event “Eat our left-overs 2006”. To give an example to the western world how our “left-overs” could help feed hungry children, ten of the worlds top super models will be flown to the worst regions of famine in Sudan, Ethiopia and Mozambique. To show their solidarity with their starving brothers and sisters in these poor countries, this beautiful woman won’t eat a thing for the month before they arrive.

These beautiful angels, ambassadors of good will and charity will feed the hungry mouths they find there, with the exquisite banquet they have denied themselves in the weeks before. Using their purified bodies as vessels of bounteous plenty, the gift of nutrition will be passed directly from their beautiful forms into the hungry little mouths desperate for every drop of nourishment they receive. Each merciful goddess filled with a different flavour of specially prepared luxury pudding will feed these famished little souls with a feast beyond their wildest dreams.

These divine creatures, the dream of man and women the world over, will then deliver their deliciously prepared contents in the fight against starvation and suffering. Empty and exhausted from their month of hunger and hardship and naked in solidarity with their bare skinned African kin, these girls will be filled up from behind with the most sumptuous deserts that London’s best chefs can create. Echoing Jesus’ miraculous conversion of water into wine, each woman’s “left-overs” will be replaced with heavenly ambrosia. Each hungry child will have the chance to be fed these mouth-watering “left-overs” brimming directly from the body of one of the world most beautiful women.

Like the earths ripest peaches each of these ten girls will be bursting from behind with the miracle of life. Their wonderful naked forms ritually oiled and bent forward in pious prayer, displaying their celestial organs of reproduction and birth to the heavens. Behold, directly above each holy orifice, a black hole transformed into a wondrous star of nourishment and plenty. Hundreds of hungry mouths will be satisfied from this tiny opening, each starving little boy and girl licking and lapping up God’s plenteous and delicious gift. Each model’s anus blossoming like an orchid in God’s garden of plenty, drawing hungry mouth dying to taste her heavenly nectar.

Ten beautiful girls, each with a different enticing taste, little naked bodies clambering hungrily like drunken bees, pushing their tongues greedily deeper and deeper into their beauties forbidden flower. Press coverage is vital that this message of mercy and kindness be transmitted around the world. Pictures of starving babies suckling on the arseholes of these divinely perfect beings. These ripe and godly beauties knelt in prayer, naked before God, giving his manna into the desperate mouths of the needy. Each anus sucked dry of its bounty by small hungry glowing faces licking out each last drop of goodness.

These heroic women will talk directly afterwards live in television of how they gave every last ounce of themselves to help others before returning by private jets to their glamorous and demanding careers in the west. The huge cost of helping these poor souls can only be met with your help. Whatever “left-overs” money you donate, will go directly to organising our next celebrity fund raising event against child slavery in Mali in 2007.

Working together with a world famous Mexican based Spanish conceptual artist, we are hoping to produce the world largest and most opulent child snuff movie. Thousands of young lives will be sacrificed to highlight the plight of these poor forgotten children. No expense can be spared to show in detail the tortures and agonies these poor children must suffer daily. All donations payable totally tax-free to our account in Switzerland, the home of freedom and compassion.

Artists Anonymous's Biography

2001 Founded in Berlin
Living and working in London and Berlin


Haunch of Venison, Zurich, Switzerland

Galerie ADLER, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Ron Mandos, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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