Selected works by Bai Yiluo

Bai Yiluo
Civilization (and 3 details)


Mixed media installation

(12 ceramic busts with agricultural / farmers tools and 12 stands) Each piece approximately 160 cm high including the stand

Bai Yiluo works often incorporate photography and traditional sculptural techniques, media disparate in their ancient and contemporary connotations. Bai draws upon these to develop installations which reflect the human condition as a cyclical struggle, torturously beautiful and poetically triumphant. Bai’s Civilization is a haunting monument enshrining imperious power as a corrupted vision built on labourers’ toil. Made from terracotta, classical busts pose as emperors and slaves, pierced through and defined by agricultural tools, a life force and bane. Set upon twelve individual plinths, Civilization bridges reference to both Eastern and Western spiritualism, while its violent form suggests revolution, conflict, and rebirth as the isochronal quality of nature.

Bai Yiluo
Lay Down (Hospital Bed) (and details)


Mixed media (carved tree/hollowed out inside, encased in 2000-3000 black and white standard id card photos, with lacquer coating, laying on an elongated hospital bed designed by the artist)

105 x 120 x 360 cm

In Lay Down (Hospital Bed), Bai uses a tree trunk as a symbolic form: of life, nation, culture, people. Hollowed out and ‘mummified’ with thousands of identity card photos, the log is placed on an elongated hospital bed, a sickly altar denoting hope and loss. Coated in lacquer, Bai’s sculpture exudes a regal presence in its decline, its quiet puissance and beatific aura reminiscent of sarcophagi effigies. The photographs are arranged in an interlocking pattern referencing lamellar armour (a design associated with the Zhou dynasty), each intimate portrait anonymously contributing to the power and strength of the whole.

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Bai Yiluo’s photographic works all originate from his own living environment. His creative materials which include flies, pubic hairs, standard photographs, needle work, and furniture reflect the unique and extraordinary range of his creative thinking and approach. In the installation piece "Sofa", Bai Yiluo stitched together photographs of urban landscapes into the shape of a sofa, an everyday object.
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Selected images of Bai Yiluo’s work
Self-taught photographer Bai Yilou was born in the closed and backward town of Luoyang, Henan Province. While living there, he only had knowledge of traditional Chinese art. Once he moved to Beijing he became more and more involved in the world of contemporary art.
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