Selected works by Bedwyr Williams

Bedwyr Williams


Mixed media

43.5 x 22.5 x 22.5 cm
Bedwyr Williams
Walk a mile in my shoes


Installation with size 13 shoes, written notes, poster, shelving and foot-rests

Dimensions variable

Bedwyr Williams often draws upon the quirky banalities of his own autobiographic existence to develop his sculptures and performances. His work merges art and life with a comedic twist that is instantaneously sympathetic and relational. In Walk A Mile In My Shoes, Williams presents a display case boasting 45 pairs of used shoes. Not just any old footwear however – each bootie is Williams’s own whopping size 13.

Inviting the audience to share in his own problematics of podiatry, viewers are encouraged to try the gear on: an act that invariably relays the humour and embarrassment of floppy footed clowns and sasquatch clumsiness. The importance that each pair of shoes was purchased second hand underlies the key themes of Williams’s piece – with the knowledge that there are at least over 40 other Hobbit-pawed souls in the world – Walk A Mile In My Shoes celebrates diversity, inclusion, and community; through the simple practicalities of footwear, Williams extols the values of tolerance and individual difference.

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Bedwyr Williams lives and works in Caernarfon North Wales. His work is based on his everyday experiences, stories that he just can't get out of his head: selling flutes to farmers in lay-bys, men with bits of straw stuck in their nasal passage, twins with smelly blood and florists making wreaths based on a singers lips. The work is a mixture of sentimentality, and unfinished business with childhood adversaries. Williams also writes sarcastic sketches for an animated TV show in Wales and is working on a project where he will be hitting golf balls through a full size harp.
Bedwyr Williams’ practice incorporates performance (including stand-up comedy), video, writing, photography & drawing. Humour plays a great part in all his works, which often contributes to a cutting critique or satire on his chosen subject. Here, Bedwyr explains a little bit about the work that he will make at Chapter:
"When I was about 12 or 13, I belonged to a model railway society that met in an old quarrymen’s social club. I was a member of the youth section and we worked together on a small branch line. The older members were also divided into smaller groups with different interests, narrow gauge, diesel, steam, etc. Their layouts never seemed to get finished and they used the meetings to socialise as much as anything.