Brian Fahlstrom Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Brian Fahlstrom
Captivation / Allegro Vivace


oil on canvas

188 x 227 cm
In Captivation/Allegro Vivace, Brian Fahlstrom decodes both nature and painting into an unruly system of attributions and translations. Flaunting his study of the masters, Fahlstrom appropriates the essence of Van Gogh, Derrain, Klimt, and Cezanne with an air of unnerving casualness. Composing a landscape by means of affiliation, clouds, trees, and mountains are distorted, not to suggest themselves, but to insinuate their art historical lineage. Through deciphering the tradition of painting, Fahlstrom resurrects artistic romanticism as a refreshingly new enchantment.
Brian Fahlstrom


oil on canvas

198.1 x 470 cm
Through his paintings, Brian Fahlstrom resurrects a lost value of traditionalism. Using the act of painting as a form of intuitive expression, his landscapes encapsulate an immediacy of creative production. In Procession, impassioned brushstrokes emerge in concentrated patterns, and bright colours reverberate against consuming crevices of black; throughout is a raw current of motion, staid by an unfaltering sense of compositional stability. For Fahlstrom, landscape becomes a metaphor for the sublime recklessness of painting itself; a practice driven by the timeless pursuit of beauty.

Brian Fahlstrom's Biography

Brian Fahlstrom
Born in 1978 in Kansas City, Missouri
Lives and works in Los Angeles


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