Selected works by Clare Stephenson

Clare Stephenson
La Belle Toute Savante


Screenprint on wood

274 x 83 x 2 cm

Clare Stephenson’s sculptures are barely sculptures at all; their physical presence is a humorously humble illusion. Made from silkscreen on wooden panels, her prop-like cut-outs stand in as representations of form: completely flat-packed, cartoon-like, and slap-stick. This game of perception, of subverting material with image and vice versa, is redoubled in her work’s development process: each sculpture-image is assembled from photographs of other sculptures that have been cropped and photocopied from books. La Belle Toute Savante presents a camp model of sophistication. With a pilfered coiffure as a stole and twisted arm borrowed from ’wardrobe’, she is self-consciously dressed up in the costume of art history.

Clare Stephenson
Ornament And Boredom


Silkscreen on wood

340 x 64 x 2cm

Comprising a composite image and its double, Stephenson’s Ornament & Boredom suggests an underlying discontent beneath the harmonious surface of serial production. This androgynous figure combines the glamour of Warhol’s Pop portraits with the excess and distortions of Baroque sculptural form, becoming a complex hybrid.

Clare Stephenson
Our Lady Of The Conscious Optics


Screenprint on wood

260 x 70 x 2 cm

Precariously balanced on pointy-stepped tip toe, Our Lady of the Conscious Optics embodies a fashion of aesthetics. The figure, a compilation of enlarged and recycled images, resonates with the ghost-like presence of parlour tricks, an apparition of plywood and the transient inscription of printer’s ink. Rejecting its own physical existence, Stephenson’s piece resolves as a sculptural facsimile: conveying form as a sketchy construct of perception.

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Spike Island has commissioned Glasgow-based artist Clare Stephenson to develop a new installation for summer 2009.She-who-Presents is Stephenson’s first major solo show in a public gallery.
The artisthas created a series of monumentally-scaled, monochromatic androgynous figures who vie for the attention of the viewer. The figures start life as small collaged works on paper with elements taken from Gothic sculpture and architecture – a carved shell becomes a fan, masonry is transformed into a fancy hat, male statues become feminine composites. Transposed from delicate works on paper to 8ft screen-printed cut outs, the figures are propped and posed in an intense tableaux as if awaiting their audience, resplendent against a brilliant yellow stage.
CCA Glasgow - The Dirty Hands, Clare Stephenson, Saturday 31 January - Saturday 21 March 2009
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Utilising materials and images of drag queens, the baroque, teddy boys and black rubber, Glasgow-based artist Clare Stephenson creates installations and drawings that combine pop culture and history into unsettling portraits.