Selected works by Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly
I see it all now... Some of it!


Paint on paper

390 x 340 cm

The idea of ‘paper architecture’ – a term often used pejoratively to describe building projects too ambitious to exist anywhere but on the page – might best characterize the work of Daniel Kelly, with all the flawed intent and thwarted hopes the term implies. Kelly’s wall-based paper works evoke interiors through fragmentary allusion: a stump of column here, a slice of ceiling there. Collaged in slices that curl at the edges, Kelly’s works flaunt impermanence, sliding to the floor in a performance of failure, a loss of confidence made material. In I see it all now… Some of it!, the comic self-deprecation of the title is borne out in shards of painted paper that never quite lock into place, overstepping spatial order to indicate a wilful diversity of origin.

Daniel Kelly
The corpse in the breakfast food


Paint on paper

210 x 190 cm

Architecture’s associations with descriptive language (coffers, ogees, bosses) are scrambled like words in a dream. Kelly’s The corpse in the breakfast food (its title deriving from a film mentioned in one of F Scott Fitzgerald’s letters to his daughter) evokes an imagined space through curves of black paper painted in arabesques and checkerboard. This is an interior architecture, the kind in the imagination when a place is described in a book or a letter: maps of an imagining mind.

Text by Ben Street

Daniel Kelly's Biography

Daniel Kelly
Born in 1981, Stockport, UK
Lives and works in London, UK

Camberwell College of Art, London (2004-2007)


Birds2013, St Georges Church Bloomsbury, London UK
Please wait while we contact your bank #8 Buttons, French Riviera, London, UK

The Pirates of Carthage, London UK

Empires weren't built on musli bars, And/Or Bureau, London UK


On Dry Land, London UK

EastWing ix, Courtauld Institute, London UK

Using A Sprat to Catch A Mackerel, London UK
East End Academy, Whitechapel Gallery, London UK

One Step Closer to Grandeur. Tricycle Gallery, London UK
In Pieces, 39 Myddleton Sq, London UK

Underground Overground, Madame Lillies, London UK
Summer show. Camberwell College of Art, London UK

The Garden Project, Thirteen A Copleston Rd, London UK
This Time Next Year… Mashed Potato gallery, London UK
Camekelsee, Nolia’s Gallery, London UK
Some Paintings…, Mashed Potato gallery, London UK
Milk before Tea, Tara Bryan Gallery, London UK
Start My Art, Nolia’s Gallery, London UK