Selected works by David Falconer

David Falconer
Vermin Death Stack


Cast resin, enamel paint

305 x 91.5 x 91.5 cm
David Falconer
Vermin Death Star


Fibre glass, cast resin, wood stain, enamel paint

265 x 330 x 260 cm

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Litter an object of one ball of new-born mice babies. They are hairless with closed eyes. They are very foetus-like. Together, a mouse's babies are called a litter, Hence the title: "Litter", also means rubbish or garbage. There are loose, separate casts of single mouse babies, which can be scattered around the 'ball' which looks as if someone has scooped together a handful of these and compressed them into a rough 'ball'. the size is of a ball which one can quickly make in the hands, then it is easily read as a very casual act of cruelty. It also makes it more inviting to handle, (perhaps like a toy) with the loose ones making it seem more casual and also unfinished.