Richard Evans

Richard Evans Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Richard Evans
Black Grape


Silicon carbide, paint, artex, polystyrene, can, cigarette butts

222 x 165 x 200 cm
Inspired by his Hackney neighbourhood, Richard Evans’s sculptures draw from the grittiness of urban culture. In Black Grape, Evans’s giant wave towers over the viewer with an air of monumental sadness. Made from silicone carbide, a material used for grinding rocks and cutting diamonds, Black Grape’s dark swell is a metaphor for existential crisis, desire and grief. Personifying his raw force of nature with fag butts and a beverage can, Evans renders a sense of powerlessness in the face of immense beauty and devastation. The palm tree on the drink logo mirrors the curvaceous composition of the wave; Black Grape is a brand of soda popular in the fringes of London society.
Richard Evans
Canto IV


Wax on aluminium, steel, wire and pumps

146 x 200 x 52 cm
Richard Evans


hydroponics, wax, aluminium, steel

205 x 51 x 153.5 cm
Comprised of a sculpted hooded jumper connected to a hydroponics unit, Richard Evans’s Hoodie broaches abstraction with a multiplicity of cultural references. Using drug paraphernalia as a kind of plinth ― as a foundation for altered perspective, and as a source and receptacle for the endless cycle of dripping water that perspires from the sculpture ― Evans’s sweatshirt is bolstered as a totemic psychological portal. Hanging as a vacant shroud, Evans’s jacket invokes associations to both chav fashion and religious garb. Coated in wax, the draping suggestion of a figure is given a malleable tarry skin, through which embedded tubes emit sweat-like streams of water, creating an image of addiction, suffering, and catharsis. The faint sounds of ‘rain drops’ caused by the precipitatious cycle give the piece an air of contemplative sadness.

Richard Evans's Biography

Richard Evans
Born Stratford Upon Avon, UK

Lives and works in New York


Solo project, U.R.A., Istanbul.
Solo project, Boyschool, London.
Solo project, The Black Mariah, Ireland

Solo project, The Hidden, Maureen Paley, London.

Maureen Paley, London.
Solo project, Dior Homme, Hong Kong.


Newspeak, Saatchi Gallery at The Hermitage, St.Petersberg.
CrASH, 110 Warner Road, London

The V22 Collection, The Wenlock Building, London.
Nul, Foxy Production, New York.
The Hidden, Maureen Paley, London.
Mask, James Cohan Gallery, New York.

Nueva Dimension, Hats-Plus, London.

The Black Album, Maureen Paley, London.
Leptin Constellation, Floating I.P., Manchester

Faster,Faster,Kill,Kill, Henry Peacock Gallery, London.
Of course there can be shooting, Postfuhramt, Berlin.
G7, Berlin.
The Queel, Millbank, London Institute, London.
The Embarkation for Cythera, Andrew Mummery Gallery, London

Room & Board, The New Gallery, Calgary.
Minimal Existence, Isokon Building, London.
Tippi-Hedren, VTO Gallery, London.

The Future's Bright, The Custard Factory, Birmingham.

The Ship Projects
Conquests and Techniques: a Synthesis, 12-27 February 2005.

Motes in all eyes, 31 October - 5 December 2004.
One Bright Day, People Get Together, 19 June - 18 July 2004.
Concert In The Egg, 10 April - 9 May 2004.
Tongs ya Bass, 6 March - 3 April 2004.

Ram Lounge, 22 September - 21 December 2003.
Pretty Little Things, 20 September - 24 October 2003.
Ponce, 25 May - 15 June 2003.