Dominic From Luton

Selected works by Dominic From Luton

Dominic From Luton
Dominic From Luton As Margaret Thatcher


Triptych, C-Type print from digital negative

104.5 x 79 x 4.5 cm
In 2004, Luton was voted ‘Britain’s Crappiest Town’, which has made it, for the artist known as Dominic from Luton, “a glorious window of opportunity, because no one likes it.” Escaping from the shackles of dreary suburbia is a well-worn trope of popular culture – everyone needs something to kick against – but for Dominic, the town itself is the muse, not the spur to head for the bright lights. Take Shoes Off If You Love Luton!, a photo of a man’s arm, tattooed with a 99 Flake ice cream, holding aloft a single Reebok Classic trainer against a British summer sky.
Dominic From Luton
Shoes Off If You Love Luton !


C-type print

237.8 X 168 cm
The visual language (that of 1980s leisure and childhood summers) announces Dominic’s particular interests: the iconography of small town Britain. Dominic’s work draws on decades-old imagery to suggest a country stuck in a cultural rut. In the self-explanatory Dominic from Luton as Margaret Thatcher, the artist is photographed in bad drag, gesticulating as though mid-speech, in a crumbling toilet, or wheeling a wheelchair furiously along the balcony of a council block: political history replayed as panto.
Dominic From Luton


C-type print

84.1 x 118.9 cm
There’s a historical stasis in Dominic’s work reflected in his use of the photograph as an agent of stillness. My Dad’s Pants, a sad line-up of baggy y-fronts on a radiator, is a photograph that parades its lack of visual interest as a kind of taunt. Dare you not to bother looking, it seems to say. Ignore it.
Dominic From Luton
My Dad's Pants


C-type print on aluminium

81 x 122 cm

Text by Ben Street

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Dominic From Luton's Biography

Dominic From Luton
Born in 1977, Luton
Lives and works in London-Luton


Call Mum,Cardiff Castle battlement, Cardiff

Paul Young from Luton, Hold the Front Page,

Galleri Skilti, Reykavik, Iceland

The Irresistible Lure of Fatty Gingo, Transition Gallery, London

Dominic from Luton, Crimes Town Gallery, London

One Year Gallery, Luton

Dodgem, BCA Gallery, Bedford
The Irresistible Lure of Fatty Gingo, The Hat Factory, Luton

Collection Box, Grizedale Forest, Cumbria


Shut Up, Campbell Works, London

A Lovers Discord, MOCA Project Space,London
STUPID WHITE MEN, J Hammond Projects, London


PIGDOGANDMONKEY–FESTOS Airspace Gallery,Stoke–on–Trent
The Common,The Midas Touch,Luton

Modern Cadever, Fort, London
London Utd, Kling & Bang, Reykjavik, Iceland
Cafe Alamanc, BCA, Bedford

Polemically small, curated by Edward Lucie Smith and Zavier Ellis, Orleans House Gallery, Richmond

Polemically Small, The Future Can Wait, curated by Zavier Ellis, Edward Lucie-Smith & Simon Rumley, Charlie Smith London
I Could Be So Good For You, S Mark Gubb, Bermingham and Robinson, Dominic From Luton, Transition Gallery, London
Plus Art Projects presents Neon & Vinyl at London/Newcastle/ProjectSpace, 28 Redchurch Street, London 2011
White Pratt From Luton, Laura White, Robert Pratt, Dominic From Luton, 34 Toynebee Street, London E1

The Jolly (Good) Show, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London
Art Blitz’ Transition Gallery, London. Performance as Margaret Thatcher Milk Snatcher
Tat fot Tit, Toynebee Street, London
The Nature of Things/Things Of Nature, The 2 Jonny’s Project Space, London

Celestial Contrakt, Schwartz Gallery, London
70 Plus 100, Webber Street, London
Pop-Up, TinType, London

Carny Town, a Space Station 65 project at Portman gallery, London
Pier Pressure, Maverik Showrooms, London
Fan Fair, Transition Gallery, London
Love Will Bring Us Apart Again, Scion Installation, Culver City CA

StickStampFly, Gasworks, London
Apart Gallery, London

Spent’ 3 Colts Gallery, London
The Wormhole Saloon 4, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
Muster Station, Rockwell, London

Common Ground, Maidstone Library gallery, Kent 2003
Out There, Crafts Council London