Selected works by Dominic McGill

Dominic McGill
Not a Plan Has Gone Astray


Graphite, collage on paper

132 x 167.5 cm
Dominic McGill


Graphite and collage on paper mounted on canvas

198 x 198 cm

Dominic McGill’s works wear their extensive research on their sleeves. Using surfaces that range from wall-height enclosures to resin and gesso sculpture in intestinal loops and folds, his drawings combine collaged elements, drawn imagery, and, above all, a wild profusion of text deriving from a range of sources.
Architectural in scale, McGill’s works envelop the viewer, generating an overwhelming sense of unbridled cerebration, as images beget text and vice versa. We’re in the eye of the brainstorm.

Dominic McGill
He Results As Cause Of Himself


Aqua-Resin, gesso, graphite, steel, wood, glass, linen

101.6 x 145 x 73 cm

The scale of his works might hint at McGill’s purpose: to create a kind of contemporary history painting, in the knowledge of such a project’s anachronism. As the artist puts it, “history is politics by other means”, and his caution about the partiality of historical certainties is reflected in his perpetually self-critical and contradictory works. Quotations from Christian texts run up against lines from Marxist screeds; common clichés abut fragments of political speeches.

Dominic McGill


Graphite on paper, mounted on linen (with Dr. Murat Cem Menguc)

203.2 x 630 cm

In McGill’s evocation of contemporary uncertainty, everything is equally noisy and equally suspect. In Moloch, a collaged transcription of Max Ernst’s 1937 The Angel of the Hearth (his nightmarish vision of German society under Nazi rule), the galumphing devil is composed of snippets of found photographs that suggest a dystopian contemporary deity, an updated version of the Biblical Moloch, a false idol. Yet there are no absolutes in McGill’s work, and his texts’ occasional reversal implies the potential for contradictory meaning at every turn.

Text by Ben Street

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Zillions of drawings have passed through art galleries this season, and Dominic McGill adds yet another, though this one is different. Titled ''A Project for a New American Century,'' it is uncommonly large: 65 feet long and 8 feet tall. It twists around like a labyrinth in Eller's small gallery. And its subject is epic: late-20th century history, a labyrinthine and twisted subject.
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Dominic McGill has a great deal on his mind. The source material for his sculptures and drawings is no less than the whole of Western politics over the past century. And as daunting a task as commenting on all that may sound, Dominic continues to find spectacular ways to show us not only all we've been through, but also all we didn't even realize we had forgotten.