Selected works by Eddie Martinez

Eddie Martinez
The Feast


Mixed media on canvas

Triptych 243.84 x 853.44 cm
Eddie Martinez


Oil paint, spray paint and collaged canvas on canvas

182.9 x 274.3 cm
Eddie Martinez
American Native #2


Oil, spray and collage on canvas

213.4 x 305 cm

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Additional images and information – Eddie Martinez
Various other resources and images – Eddie Martinez
Loyal Gallery, Malmö, Sweden
Eddie Martinez’s third solo show at LOYAL is an exhibition that works to stunning effect in terms of composition and execution. The show is comprised of fifteen new paintings all of which are rich with personal style and visual luxuriance.
ZieherSmith Gallery, New York
Selected work and exhibition information
Sorry We’re Closed Gallery, Brussels
Roberta Smith, New York Times
Eddie Martinez, who briefly attended art school in Boston and spent more time there working outdoors on graffiti art, has exceptional gifts as a painter and draftsman, which he exuberantly combines. Generally, he has not yet made them his own, but his third show at ZieherSmith suggests enough determination, industriousness and dexterity to get the job done.
For The State Gallery, Brooklyn, New York