Selected works by Elliot Hundley

Elliot Hundley


Corkboard, paper, photographs, plastic, fabric, pins, wood, oil paint, acrylic paint, charcoal, pastel, string, ceramic, shells

244 x 216 x 38.1 cm

Mining the nostalgic and sentimental qualities of his eclectic materials, Elliott Hundley’s collages create condensed ‘dreamscapes’, entwining the personal and symbolic into friable mythologies. Hundley engages with the dramatic in the staged emotiveness of his structures and in the performative element of their intensive making process. From a distance, Hundley’s Hyacinth exudes a painterly expressiveness, which dissolves on close inspection into clusters of tiny figures, magazine clippings and bits of fabric precariously held in place by pins. Using formalism as a platform for narrative structure, Hundley’s exquisitely delicate consternation transforms the act of looking into an adventure of exploration and discovery.


Group show, LAXed: Paintings from the Other Side: LAXed: Paintings from the Other Side

Javier Peres is very pleased to announce the first group exhibition he has organized in his Berlin gallery entitled "LAXed: Paintings from the Other Side."

This survey exhibition brings together the works of thirteen artists who live and work in Los Angeles and marks the first time that this new generation of American painters is presented in Germany. All 13 artists will be in attendance at the opening.

Like the transients who come to Los Angeles for generations to live off the fat of the land, these artists have unceremoniously fed from the city's bottomless troughs of institutional academia and cultural excess to implement a peripheral take on the current language of the flatbed picture frame.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Fear is the greatest motivator. Hate is the closest emotion to love. Writers write, as the saying goes. And modern painters are sexually repressed. Because working is the new fucking.
In Los Angeles, the edge of the awakening Asiatic hinterland formerly known as the United States of America, they paint because after all these years every caveman with extra buffalo blood still wants to prove his/her cock is the biggest, or if his/her cock isn't the biggest his/her touch is the softest.

A rejection of the systemic embrace of iconography and the very trite literalness that makes "goth" a new bad word, the artists on view in LAXed embrace surface over meaning, but not at the expense of feeling. Palpable effort and sweat is valuable, but signature forms of subversiveness and other contemporary forms of slickness have been tossed to the wayside like so much trash along Santa Monica Boulevard.

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Los Angeles artists get the buzz

By Jori Finkel

Elliott Hundley has a decision to make. Although he just completed his Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of California, Los Angeles, in June, he is already something of an art-market sensation. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles has bought one of his collages, a profusion of cut-up photos, plastic petals and other found objects pinned to corkboard.

The Greek tycoon Dakis Joannou has bought another. Dean Valentine, a Los Angeles collector known for supporting artists like John Currin before they hit it big, has bought three.

So Hundley has a market; now he just has to choose a gallery.

"Hundley is the one everyone wants," says Philip Martin, director of Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica, California. "But he seems to be taking his time deciding."

In the meantime, "this is the most anticipated solo show in Los Angeles," said the dealer Javier Peres of Peres Projects in Los Angeles, who compares Hundley's work to "Joseph Cornell on acid."

When Peres met the artist at the university a couple of years ago, he offered him a solo show on the spot, but he has since had to content himself with including his work in group shows. So has the New York dealer Daniel Reich, who is including Hundley in "Desire Constellations," opening at his gallery on Thursday.

Meanwhile, as Hundley mulls his options, the New York powerhouse Andrea Rosen has flown out for a studio visit as well.

The buzz about Hundley says something about the size of his talent. But it is also a sign of just how much attention the Master of Fine Arts graduates in Los Angeles are drawing on both coasts. Not so long ago, most dealers and collectors looked in their own backyards for the next big thing.

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