Selected works by Elliot Hundley

Elliot Hundley


Corkboard, paper, photographs, plastic, fabric, pins, wood, oil paint, acrylic paint, charcoal, pastel, string, ceramic, shells

244 x 216 x 38.1 cm

Mining the nostalgic and sentimental qualities of his eclectic materials, Elliott Hundley’s collages create condensed ‘dreamscapes’, entwining the personal and symbolic into friable mythologies. Hundley engages with the dramatic in the staged emotiveness of his structures and in the performative element of their intensive making process. From a distance, Hundley’s Hyacinth exudes a painterly expressiveness, which dissolves on close inspection into clusters of tiny figures, magazine clippings and bits of fabric precariously held in place by pins. Using formalism as a platform for narrative structure, Hundley’s exquisitely delicate consternation transforms the act of looking into an adventure of exploration and discovery.

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