Selected works by Emma Talbot

Emma Talbot
Don't Walk On The Cracks


Watercolour on paper

24 x 30 cm
Emma Talbot
Pictures From My Heart


Installation of 66 drawings, watercolour and gouache on paper

Approx 24 x 30 cm each

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Emma Talbot at Transition gallery, London
Pictures From My Heart features a selection of extraordinary drawings made by Emma Talbot following the death of her husband, Paul. These drawings grew out of a desire not only for emotional honesty but also for a simplification of her working process.

When poet and singer Patti Smith was asked if her recent memoir about her life with Robert Mapplethorpe had laid to rest some ghosts, she replied, ‘I am not looking for closure, that’s an illusion… just like pain… like when people say time heals all wounds, it doesn’t! What time does is it helps to transfigure it, marshal it and navigate it’.
Emma Talbot’s recent paintings and drawings are increasingly intuitive. They don’t follow a plan or rule, as images they are untethered from any reference to found imagery, they act as a free flowing conduit for internal thought.
Emma Talbot's oil paintings look like doll's houses with the facades peeled back. But inside lies a charnel of repressed emotions, as ghosts collide with the living, rapping on doors, lurking in rooms. Talbot calls them psychological stories, and they grew out of a desire for emotional honesty after the death of her husband Paul. Some of these paintings detail the couple's life together, through the dingy flats they inhabited as students and the story of their two small children. Tenement (2008), for instance, revolves around a house in Hackney; each floor depicts a different stage of the artist's life, from the dreams and aspirations of a wannabe pop act on the first floor to the tears and recriminations in the attic.
The Craft comes across as a larky installation of objects and paintings by Emma Talbot and Cathie Pilkington, which purports to document the doings and beliefs of an isolated cult.