Selected works by Eva Struble

Eva Struble
Mountain Architecture


Oil and acrylic on canvas

84.5 x 95.5"

Eva Struble’s monumental paintings draw from the traditions of landscape,architecture, and abstraction. Taking inspiration from sources as diverse as antique Arabic miniatures and contemporary Asian construction, Struble’s motifs balance the odyssey of nature with the carefully ordered precision of design. Rendered with acidic hues and an exaggerated consideration of space and placement, Stuble’s landscapes resolve as affected dioramas, envisioning otherworldly tableaux through their compositional pastiche.

Struble approaches the act of painting itself as a physical manifestation, allowing the eclectic application of her materials to create a disorientating illusion of space: an erased void of a mountain conveys an aberrant weight, the perspective of architecture gives way to its flattened decorative patterning, skies are rendered with day-glo pop sheen, and earth swills as layers of mellifluous splotches. The physical impossibilities implied through Struble’s painterly manipulation are made believable through her inclusion of intricate detail, as blades of grass, grains of sand, and weathered dabs of rock are set within her scenes with a theatrical preciousness.

Eva Struble
Roof Gardens


oil and acrylic on canvas

67 x 116"
Eva Struble
Acid Mine Drainage 1


Oil and acrylic on canvas

241.3 x 411.5 cm

Struble’s most recent works, To The End and Acid Mine Drainage I, are part of her Superfund series; a collection of paintings inspired by toxic waste sites. Using this subject matter as a departure point for visual invention, Struble offers a complex paradox, merging an idealised beauty nurtured and improved with eerie transgressions of artificiality and toxicity.



Lombard-Freid Projects is pleased to announce the opening of Three Positions, an exhibition introducing the works of three young American artists with a unique style and passion for painting. Eschewing an overarching subject matter or theme imposing prerequisites for a group show, Three Positions does not solicit a direct relation between its participants. True to its title, this show is a presentation of three young artists charting new territories in painting.
Eva Struble‚Äôs interest in nature and architecture stands at the core of her practice. Her large-scale paintings find a life of their own in the tension between order and disorder, bucolic nature and industrial land. Inspired by such diverse sources as Tokyo based architect team Ushida-Findlay and their concept of ‚Äúpsycho-geometry‚ÄĚ as well as Persian miniatures from the 15th and 16th century with their unusual sense of perspective and preoccupation with gardens and patterns, Struble‚Äôs paintings activate a space of multisensorial perception. Tornado-like brushstrokes, visceral paint and erased surfaces combined with structured configurations create an explosive yet balanced composition.