Fergal Stapleton Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Fergal Stapleton
And A Door Opened.3.


Black perspex, electrical fittings, red lightbulbs, polystyrene, concrete hardcore, wood cabling

130 x 66 x 54 cm

These sculptures by Fergal Stapleton trigger a certain range of half-recognitions: DIY science fiction props; orreries assembled from hi-fi store kit parts; minor events at Earth’s orbital margin. Their precision and impoverishment are exactly what make them so astoundingly magical: each one embodies a universe. Inside their dark Perspex enclosures amongst the loops of electrical cable, sit two or three modest items – a concrete chunk, a Styrofoam disc, and other matter found or made, some of it revolving perpetually, slowly under red light-bulbs, creating wondrous parallel microcosms from humble materials.

Fergal Stapleton
And A Door Opened.6.


Black perspex, electrical fittings, red lightbulbs, polystyrene, concrete hardcore, wood cabling

130 x 66 x 54 cm

Stapleton’s varied practice (including painting and sculpture) is bound by a concern with elucidating various phases of the fictive, the apparent and the real. His And A Door Opened assemblages, holding in equilibrium the fantastical with the blunt actualities of junk, exemplify this in their reordering of things known, producing new and surprising value out of meagre means. The red-black glow emanating from the dark vitrines, reminiscent of photographic darkrooms, gives the effect of an image half-developed, caught between latency and realisation.

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Fergal Stapleton's Biography

Fergal Stapleton
1961 Born, Ireland
Lives and works in London


If one good deed in all my life I did, I do repent it from my very soul V22, London

And a Door Opened, Carl Freedman Gallery, London

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Riutsu Centre, Tokyo

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V22 Presents: The Sculpture Show, Almond Building, London

The Wharf Road Project, V22, London
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Toutes Compositions Florales. Counter Gallery, London

Picture Room, Gasworks, London
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The Ink Jetty, Neon, London
The Green Room, Percy Miller, London
The Difference Between You and Me, Five Years, London
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ARCO, Madrid
Being and Nothingness , Workplace, Toronto
Dot, Teesdale Yard, London, touring to Arthur Rose London and The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

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Resolute, Platform, London
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Class Vegas, The Embassy, London
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The Unadorned Hardcore World of the Anabolic Mutant in Stir �
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50X50X50X50, Bank, London
Smart Artfair, Stockholm
I Beg to Differ, Milch, London
Out of Space, Cole & Cole, Oxford
Viper: Bank TV, Bank, London
NIS Project at World PC Expo, Makuhari, Tokyo
The Happy Shopper, Elephant & Castle, London
Dog-U-Mental VIII: Stapleton�s Last Show , Bank, London

RW, GG, FS, - with Rebecca Warren, Graham Gussin
Laure Genillard Gallery, London

Disneyland After Dark: La Ronde, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin and Konstmuseum, Uppsala
Die Zweite Wirchlichkeit, Galerie Michael Schill, Stuttgart
Mind The Gap: Hardcopys und Technologische Bilder, Galerie/Edition Voges & Deisen, Frankfurt
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