Selected works by Fredy Alzate

Fredy Alzate
Lugares en Fuga


Bricks, concrete and metal

Diameter 115 cm

Lugares en Fuga (Fleeing Places) is an unsettling object.
At first glance it appears as a section of a wall that has folded upon itself following an unexpected transformation; a metamorphosis utterly inappropriate for the materials that symbolize endurance and security: brick and mortar.
As with some other similarly minded contemporary artists, Fredy Alzate is deeply influenced by architecture and its multiple vernacular surrogates.
His work focuses on the observation of the constructive principles that guide precarious urbanization in his city of birth, Medellin, and by extension in the Latin American urbis at large.
In his sculptures and installation pieces, the artist explores the inherent contradictions of uncontainable urban (under) development and the permanent mutations produced by the urgency of adapting buildings to the landscape in the city’s poor peripheries. Through careful observation of social space, his work is both political and poetic, as it draws its constructive psychology from literary references: Lugares en Fuga refers to Italo Calvino’s novel ‘Invisible Cities’.
Built within the formal lexicon of architecture, his simulacrum dissects the marginalization of large sectors of the population across the continent. The apparent chaos perched up in the hills of the urban peripheries of Latin America challenge deceptive narratives of progress, bringing to mind that we live in a fragile culture of congestion.
This fragility appears blatantly expressed in Alzate’s installation Aluvión (Landslide). The composition, made of resin-cast sculptures mixed with heaps of recycled demolition materials, re-enacts the precariousness of vernacular architecture when submitted to the brutal forces of nature, aggravated by deforestation and over construction.

Text © Gabriela Salgado


Daniela Camero Rosso, delinfinitoarte | Bogot√°

The deterioration of the objects and the urban landscape is taken as the intersection point in Alzate¬īs work. This concept is clearly taken from his hometown: Medellin, but through its powerful message now becomes extra-polable to the rest of our Latin American cities.
Alzate features objects framed in a two-dimensional and three-dimensional technique, while watching them we evoke their use and disuse - that Latin American idea of objects being used many times. The woodwork and experimentation play an essential role, leading the everyday object to a new context, making it a sort of -colombian- ready-made.
Fredy Alzate through paintings and large sculptures takes the urban to the extreme. He shows elements that push the city to a constant deterioration: Latin cities common point. Thereby it presents the fragile dynamic between architecture and landscape, where rampant urbanism constantly threatens nature, a reality that has forged our social spaces, conditioning them and conditioning ourselves.
Alzate exposes the contradictory situation of our cities, where wealth and poverty are separated by an imaginary thin line that sometimes intersects, taking an object out of use and through art giving it a new meaning.


13th July 2013, by MAMM

Fredy Alzate compartirá su experiencia en la Maison Daura, Residencia Internacional de Artistas, Región Midi-Pyrénées, Francia. Socializará los procesos y proyectos que desarrolló en los tres meses de residencia y algunas de las propuestas de los artistas que estuvieron en esta 9 Versión: Chad Keveny (Irlanda), Damien Marchal (Francia), Natacha Marcier (Francia), Daniel Perrier (Francia), Yuhsin U Chang (Taiwan).
La participación de Alzate fue gracias al convenio entre la Alianza Francesa de Medellìn y la Región Midi-Pyrénées Francia. Las intervenciones fueron realizadas entre Cajarc y Saint- Cirq Lapopie y estarán en exposición hasta el 1 de septiembre de 2013.

Fredy Alzate (Rionegro Ant., 1975) vive y trabaja en Medell√≠n. Es Maestro en Artes Visuales de Universidad de Antioquia y Mag√≠ster en Artes Pl√°sticas y Visuales de la Universidad Nacional sede Bogot√°. Desde 1997 expone individual y colectivamente, y entre las distinciones obtenidas se destacan el primer premio en el XIX Sal√≥n Arturo y Rebeca Rabinovich, MAMM en 1999; la Beca de apoyo a tesis de posgrado, DIB Universidad Nacional de Bogot√° en 2006; Beca a la Creaci√≥n en Escultura, Alcald√≠a de Medell√≠n; la Menci√≥n de honor en la 2¬į Bienal de Artes Pl√°sticas y Visuales de la FGAA y la Nominaci√≥n al VII Premio Luis Caballero, Bogot√° en 2012. Alzate es uno de los artistas que integrar√° el 43 SNA a realizarse en Medell√≠n este a√Īo.
Con el apoyo de: Alianza Francesa de Medellín, Región Midi-Pyrénées (Francia), Casa Tres Patios, Universidad de Antioquia.