Freya Douglas-Morris

Selected works by Freya Douglas-Morris

Freya Douglas-Morris
They Visited Twice


Watercolour on paper

70 x 100 cm
The self-effacing quality of Freya Douglas-Morris’s painting They Visited Twice – its thinned watercolour, dribbling in places off the paper; the cursoriness of its description of plants and people; its flattened and simplified tones – shouldn’t be mistaken for slightness. The painting’s strength lies in its uncanny evocation of a past (that non-specificity is significant here: it’s not the past) and its suggestion of the gaps and discontinuities attendant on the act of describing past events. In the work, a pair of figures is seen twice; as the title suggests, they’re perhaps the same figures, their double appearance making the work redolent of medieval paintings. Clad in simple white clothes, black shoes and small red turbans, they appear Indian, but generically so: they’re painted too speedily to be properly characterised.
Freya Douglas-Morris
Dance of the Shadows


Watercolour, ink and collage on paper

55 x 75 cm

The looseness of their description is of a piece with the painting’s title – the vagueness of ‘they’, the openness of ‘visited’ – so that the work becomes a way of embodying the telling of a story from the past; mishearing, generalities and slippages are built in. Landscape (traditionally a motor for narrative, a way of moving things forward) is, here, insubstantial, literally watery, and the blank space of the paper has a kind of obliterating effect, like a blind spot in the memory of the teller.

Text by Ben Street

Freya Douglas-Morris
Exposing themselves to the moonlight like bathers under a midnight sun


Watercolour, collage and pigment on paper

73 x 97 cm

Freya Douglas-Morris's Biography

Freya Douglas-Morris
Born in 1980, London, UK
Lives and works in London, UK


Passing Through Landscape, Campden Gallery

Workshop at Le Pan, Barcelona

The Absent Traveller' Miami, USA

When Things Are Small, Beachamp Place, Knightsbridge

Recent Paintings, De Morgan Gallery, London
Solo Exhibition at 'Super Bien!' Berlin
From Over There, London


Big Rock Candy Mountain, MOT International Projects

Chase, Charity Exhibition, RCA
RCA Summer Show, London
Collectible, Zeitgeist Art Group, New Cross
Work In Progress Show, RCA

RCA Secrets, London
Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries
Women's Lines, Le Pan Gallery, Shanghai, China
Core Gallery Open 2011, Creekside, Deptford
Taken Away, Exmouth Market, London
Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Art
SWAB, Art Fair, Le Pan Gallery, Barcelona
Desire, The Portman Gallery
Momac, Gloucester

Victoria Stakes 20 20
Un-Natural Selection, Redchurch st
Long & Ryle Gallery, Art-Fair

Sehnsucht, Transition Gallery, London
Salon 09' 25 Vyner St, Matt Johns Arts
London Art Fair, TAG Fine Arts Gallery

Marmite Art Prize, London
Art London, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
Start Your Own Collection, Contemporary Art Projects
20/21 Art Fair, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London
00 Nature Part II, Contemporary Art Projects, London
00 Nature Part I, Contemporary Art Projects, London

Start Your Collection' Contemporary Arts Project

Gum & Oak Presents, Brighton
Foster Art Gallery, Summer Exhibition
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