Gabriel Hartley

Selected works by Gabriel Hartley

Gabriel Hartley


Oil and spray paint on canvas

260 x 200 cm
“When I made Pout I was thinking about modernist painting, African masks, and modes of abstraction. I really enjoy the energy of ‘primitivism’, but these things feel so familiar now they’re quite difficult to use. I wanted to make it feel new again, like how it was perceived in the first place: raw and dynamic. I started painting and different connotations came up, like Max Ernst and Miro’s tapestries; it’s about appropriation in some ways. I make a lot of sculpture and think about painting in a sculptural way. The work has lots of different layers and the paint becomes a material like plaster or something. I use a lot of spray paint with the oil, this gives a light source and shows the different excavations within the paint; it brings out the different layers that have been masked or covered up. I don’t usually work in grey scale, but I was thinking of totemic sculpture or tribal masks, something quite sombre and grand. It’s how we look at images of these things: in black and white photographs and old books.”

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Additonal information and images - Gabriel Hartley
Foxy Production Gallery, New York - showing work by Gabriel Hartley
Gabriel Hartley’s oil paintings and sculptures fuse the concepts and techniques of abstraction with powerfully raw figurative forms. His works appear to be at once taking on subjects and unraveling them, to be both gestating and timeworn. With bold brushstrokes he uses both clashing and coordinated colors in fields of patterning that are over-painted and, in places, burnt.
John Moores competition at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
I make paintings, ceramics, wood carvings and painted photographs. The starting point is an image or a real item, which then becomes abstracted. My reaction to the source either copies and mimics parts of it, or acts to deny and change its presence. The object sometimes changes to the point that it becomes a completely different entity, for example the starting point may be a necklace but the image changes to that of a dog on wheels.
Gabriel Hartley, New Contemporaries show 2007
Gabriel Hartley, Jerwood Contemporary Painters 2009