Selected works by Gao Brothers

Gao Brothers
The Interview


Colour coupler print

180 x 234 cm

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The Gao Brothers are a pair of artist brothers based in Beijing, the authors of several published works, including "How Far Can You Walk in One Day in Beijing", "The Current State Of Chinese Avant-Garde Art" and "The Report Of Art Environment", who have been collaborating on installation, performance, photography works and writing since the mid-1980s.
Gao Brothers. Gao Qiang (Shandong 1962) and Gao Zhen (Shandong 1956) are two of the most avant-garde of China's artists, specializing in performance art, photography, installation and sculpture.
The brothers have tested the limits of what is permissable in China, and often created art works that are sociological in nature, and taboo.
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A collaboration between artist A.L. Steiner and dance duo robbinschilds, C.L.U.E (color location ultimate experience) Part 1 is an 11-minute film that dramatizes the fragmented landscape of the United States.
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