Graham Hudson Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Graham Hudson
All My Exes Live In Tesco's


Timber, steel, plastic, electric fans, lighting, paint and tape

550 x 250 x 250 cm

“All My Exes Live In Tesco’s is quite an expressive piece. You try to have a conceptual rigour, but spontaneity is important as well. I was interested in how you can make a really big thing out of nothing. I used a ladder instead of building a frame, and the gesture of it is quite reduced. I strapped cardboard boxes to it, and attached the bin liners to a fan so they filled with air and then poured paint on them. In one way it’s like a car crash mess, but also very lively and poetic. I’m interested in conservation, and this work is like a performance or instruction guide. Because I have to remake it every time it’s shown, it can never look exactly the same twice. I think of my work in relation to object production rather than a documentation of the final thing. I always video the installation of the work so there is a record of the experience and action of making it, and I hope that if it is recreated in the future it might retain its fragile and delicate quality.”

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Graham Hudson's Biography

Graham Hudson
1977 Born in Kent, UK
Lives and work in London and LA


MA Fine Art Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London

BA Fine Art Sculpture, Chelsea, London


I’m empty like a vegetable, Monitor, Rome, Italy, Rome
Major Trauma, Monitor, Lisbon, Portugal, Lisboa

I lost my body but found my mind, CANAL, UK, Fitzrovia

ArtHouse Texas, Austin

CRISP Sculpture Roof, London
ZINGERpresents, Amsterdam

Monitor, Rome

Jan Cunen Museum, Oss, Netherlands
Locust Projects, Miami

Rokeby, London
Monitor, Rome
Raid Projects, Los Angeles

Zinger Presents, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rokeby, London
VTO, London

Jerwood Artist’s Platform, Jerwood Space London


WAVELENGTH, Shanghai, CN, Curated by CUBE NYC

F*** Newton , The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art, UK, Plymouth

What Duchamp Taught Me, The Fine Art Society Contemporary, UK, London

Abracadabra: Fifth Annual Exhibition and Fund-raising Raffle, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, USA, Hollywood

Proxy, Seventeen, London, UK, London

Newspeak, The Saatchi Gallery, London
Glow/Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
Pasanten (Transients) ’10 – Pods Fundament Foundation, Tilburg
Untitled, Seventeen, London
Latitude Contemporary Art, Latitude Festival, Southwold
(Empty Sets), Waterside project space, London
Languages and Experimentations MART, Trento/Roverto
Mutiny seemed a probability, Fondazione Giuliani, Rome
X Artworks in a straight line…, Crisp, London
Design Vertigo, Spazio Fendi, Milan
Graham Hudson and Sarah Conway, Diet, Miami
The Library of Babel, 176/ Zabludowicz Collection, London

Lost and Found Presents, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes
Sculpture Park, Frieze Art Fair (with Monitor) London
Hotel Beethoven, Moving Locations, Bonn
Enzo Mari's Autoprogettazione Project, Architectural Association, London
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Flyers Flag Sheep Self, Seventeen, London
Strange days and Some Flowers, Storey Gallery, Lancaster
Space Revised #3, Halle fur Kunst, Leuneburg, Germany
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Becks Future’s Student film & video festival, ICA London