Gregory Green

Selected works by Gregory Green

Gregory Green
Attache Case #1 (Nice)


Mixed media

40.6 x 45.7 x 40.6 cm
Gregory Green
Suitcase #9 (NY)


Mixed media

43 x 58 x 53 cm
Gregory Green
Suitcase Bomb # 27 (Chicago)


Mixed media

43 x 48 x 51.5 cm

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Broadcast, Group Show 2010 at the Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida
A short while ago, Chelsea witnessed a minor harmonic convergence of survivalists and autonomous nomad types. First came the orange eToy container with its heavy-duty cables demonstratively tapping into the Postmasters’ mothership. Then Andrea Zittel proposed isolation chambers for those seeking to escape the tyranny of the clock. For his part, Gregory Green showed a vintage 1967 Volkswagen Westfalia Campmobile outfitted with fully functional pirate radio and TV equipment and a satellite prototype called ‘Gregnik’