Guerra de la Paz Exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery

Guerra de la Paz


Mixed media sculptural installation.

365.8 x 213.3 x 213.3 cm

Cuban born American artists Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz are the collabortive duo Guerra de la Paz . Originally sourcing their materials from the waste bins of second-hand goods shipping companies in Miami’s Little Haiti, Guerra De La Paz make their sculptures from the discarded items of daily life. Viewing their practice as a kind of ‘archaeology’, their work engages with the history inherent in common debris and its possibility for recycled usage. In Nine, a giant mound of clothing heaps with strata of prom dresses, Christmas jumpers, and embarrassing yesteryear fads, bearing down with the weight of a civilisation and its disowned memories. Beneath the fringes of the hulking mass can be seen the feet of nine people supporting the load, a testimony to the strength and value of community.

Guerra de la Paz's Biography

Guerra de la Paz
Alain Guerra- Born in 1968, Havana, Cuba
Neraldo de la Paz- Born in 1955, Matanzas, Cuba
Both live and work in Miami, Florida


Follow the Leader , Site inspired installation, Craft Alliance Grand Centre Gallery, The Kransberg Arts Centre, St Loius, MO
Bonsai Couture, Galerie Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, Switzerland
Manto, Intersection Box 16, 12th Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space, Prague, Czech Republic

No Money, No Glory (2 Solo projects) Holster Projects, London, UK
Home - a collaborative project between Guerra de la Paz and Art Lab, Jack Olsen Gallery, Northern Illinois University, Deklab, IL

Beyond the Daily Life: Centre for Visual Communication, Miami, FL
Travelogue, Artane, Istanbul, Turkey
Otherworld, Carol Jazzar Gallery, Miami

Six Thai Trannies in Heaven, Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, Greensboro, NC, permanent Installation
The Green Zone, Daneyal Mahmood Gallery, New York

Flower Children, Carol Jazzar Home Gallery, Miami Shores

Oasis, Site-Specific Installation, The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, Michigan Avenue Galleries, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago
Guerra de la Paz, Jack the Pelican Presents, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Teaser, Liquid Blue Gallery, Miami

The Four Seasons, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, Hollywood, FL

Seven Deadly Sins, The Buena Vista Building, Suite 222, Miami Design District, Miami

Overflow, Site-Specific Installation, Curated by Gary Moore, Funded by Miami-Dade County Department of Parks and Recreation, African Heritage Cultural Arts Center, Miami
The Back Room, Multipart Installation, house next to Dorsch Gallery, Miami
Breakthrough, Dorsch Gallery, Miami

Glossies, Dorsch Gallery, Miami


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The Art Gallery At Government Center, Miami
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