Selected works by Han Feng

Han Feng
Floating City


Tracing paper (laser print) and fish tackle thread

150 x 600 cm

Han Feng’s Floating City plays with deliberate contradictions from its title on down. Neither sculpture nor drawing, Feng’s piece is composed of hundreds of tracing paper buildings of various sizes, their laser- printed details deriving from images of city architecture, which are grouped in dense clusters and hung from the ceiling with transparent fish tackle thread. Hovering a couple of inches off the gallery floor, Floating City has an ethereal, almost spectral quality; it shivers and sways with the movement of visitors. Depicting a city – something we associate, especially in recent times, with population density, atmospheric pollution, architectural diversity and multicultural vibrancy – as something weightless, depopulated, semi-transparent and fragile, Feng’s work asks us to consider the city as something imagined, an idea as much as a place. This might be what a utopia looks like – a notion expressed in language, impossible to realise in reality.
The city’s pale palette certainly appears drained of life, as though emptied of occupants; the use of tracing paper implies preparation, a stage before completion. Looking down on this ghostly apparition, we’re separated from it both physically and conceptually: it’s perpetually distant, a mirage.

Text by Ben Street


Art Speak China

Han's paintings are meant to create a world that mirrors the contemporary times in which we live. The pieces are at first tranquil and reasonable but upon further investigation they are distorted and disturbed. According to Han, they seek "to tell a story about navigating and searching in a paradoxical world.


Studio China

Our lives are filled with dynamic or still images such as pictures, advertisements, films, television programs, computers, and DVDs. These images have constructed a second world running parallel to reality. This second world, with a growing credibility, has been impacting our experience and awareness, and is so big that different people see different aspects of it.
The simulated life collection has put together different aspects of life to create a world which seems to be reasonable, tranquil and genuine, but is in fact inconsistent, twinkling, instantaneous, disturbed and distorted in order to tell a story about navigating and searching in a paradoxical world.