Selected works by Hannah Sawtell

Hannah Sawtell
Degreasor In The Province Of Accumulation 3


Bent lacquered steel, phosphate acid, section of billboard poster on 'blue back' paper, magnets

148 x 153 x 30 cm

The fragmented images which display themselves on Hannah Sawtell’s shelf-like structures seem so confident of their place and the clarity of their collective message that we can only assume they are part and parcel of a slick advertising campaign for a product that our pathetic brains are as yet incapable of grasping.

Hannah Sawtell
Degreasor In The Province Of Accumulation 4


Bent lacquered steel, phosphate acid, archival laser print on 'blue back' paper, magnets

146 x 136 x 30 cm
Hannah Sawtell
Swap Meet (Blue Muscle Mix) Optic


Lacquered bent steel, toughened glass, window decal, rubber and cork dividers, fixings

75.5 x 71 x 24 cm

With their smoothly lacquered steel frames, their toughened glass, their decals and their rubber fittings, the displays remind me of the upscale signage we increasingly find in our banks and pharmacies: burnished crowd-proof metal armatures guarding billboard posters pulsating with Material Promise.

Hannah Sawtell
Degreasor In The Province Of Accumulation 6


Bent lacquered steel, phosphate acid, archival laser print on 'blue black' paper, magnets

160 x 155 x 20 cm
Hannah Sawtell
Swapmeet (Al-Bahr Al-Mayyit Mix) Optic


Lacquered bent steel, glass, window decal, rubber dividers, tape, fixings

107 x 78 x 25 cm

But Sawtell’s chilling assemblies aren’t imaginary: all of their components are the stuff of the real world – industrial softwares and hardwares from “The Contemporary Global Arcade”. It’s all out there (and in here) for the taking, in “The Province of Accumulation”. And what better way, Sawtell suggests, than to let the picture machines do the taking and the making – “All image capture, manipulation or slicing is made by the screen used as a lens.”

Text by William A Ewing

Hannah Sawtell's Biography

Hannah Sawtell
Born in 1971, London
Lives and works in London


Out Of Focus: Photography, Saatchi Gallery, London

The Great White Goes Way Black, Vilma Gold, London
Slim Volume, Curated by Andrew Hunt, Focal point, Southend

Film Screening, La Chausette, with Ed Atkins, Laure Provost, Dependance, Brussels
Radio IPS. The Island
Night Market Ingressor, Royal Academy Schools Show, London
Entroludes, Sepentine Cinema, London

Intervention, Hotel Gallery, London
Artist Film Screening (with Martin Creed and John Smith), Three Sisters, London
Display With Sound (with Oscar Tuazon and Simon Denny), International Project Space, Bourneville.
6 Artists, 3 Shows (with Owen Land), Vilma Gold, London.
Premiums, Royal Academy, London

The Death Affect, Parade Space, London.
BA Degree Show, Chelsea College Of Art and Design, London

Tournament, Group Show, Spitalfields, London
Trinity Buoy Wharf, Group Show, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
Art School Palestine, Group Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London

Nowhere Now Here, The Crypt, St Pancras Church, London
Group Show, The Byam Shaw College, London