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Hideyuki Sawayanagi
You Will Be Possessed By Love In 30 Seconds



‘At first glance, the piece seems like a simple video projection without sound, in a dark space. It begins with a title ’You will be possessed by love in 30 seconds’, which appears on the screen in pink on a black background. After the 30-second countdown, suddenly the screen flashes and the word LOVE is imprinted on the viewer’s retina. The word remains in the viewer’s eye, changing colour for several minutes, appearing to be projected onto the viewer’s surroundings’.

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Roentgenwerke Gallery, Tokyo

Born in Saitama, Japan in 1966, Hideyukii Sawayanagi lives and works in London. After studying economics in Tokyo, Hideyuki studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London. He has presented works in group shows at Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea luigi Pecci in Prato and Arnolfini, Bristol and was shortlisted for the Becks Futures Award in 2002.

Hideyuki Sawayanagi’s You Will Be Possessed by Love in 30 Seconds (2001) is harshly funny. It does what it says: after a 30-second countdown in a darkened video projection chamber your retinas are branded with an after-image spelling ‘love’.

Hideyuki Sawayanagi’s works also require that you stand in a particular place. Appearing to float off the walls, these flat sculptures (that are in fact hanging from the ceiling) present women from blown-up photocopies of pictures found in newspapers. Only their faces are reproduced in pressed aluminium, whereby the punched holes and the spacing of them define their expressions.