Selected works by Huma Mulji

Huma Mulji
Arabian Delight (and details)


Rexine suitcase, taxidermy camel, metal rods, wood, cotton wool, fabric

105 x 144 x 155 cm (Open with lid)

Pakistani born Huma Mulji’s works explore ideas of displacement. Her preoccupation with cultural difference takes her away from India and Pakistan toward the Middle East and other landscapes. This juncture between tradition and the relentless modern thrust across India and Pakistan is where Mulji occupies herself with deliberate humour. Arabian Delight, a taxidermied camel forced into a battered suitcase, addresses ideas of the relocation of cultures. The rather crazed manner in which the collapsed camel is impossibly forced into this suitcase, legs thrown in disarray, is a humorous comment on the perceived ‘Arabisation’ of Pakistan as another Muslim state.

Huma Mulji
Her Suburban Dream (and 2 details)


Mixed media

99 x 330.2 x 76.2

In a similar vein, Mulji’s most recent work titled Her Suburban Dream involves another taxidermied animal shown in an unexpected situation. The concrete water pipe has forced the cow in Her Suburban Dream into an unnatural and somewhat degrading position at the mercy of humanity. These compelling works explore change and disorder in the region and beyond.

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